You could win your 2018 Mercury
Outboard Motor purchase from 
Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals PowerSports 

Yes we have almost 16 - 2018 Mercury Outboards Motors left and we are clearing them out giving one lucky purchaser a chance to win their purchase price back less the HST and any extras.  You have a one in sixteen chance of winning

This promotion only applies to our 2018 2.5 through 20 hp tiller handle in stock that we want to move - outboard Mercury single purchase motors.

The draw will take place immediately (with-in 48 hours of when the last 2018 Clearance motor is sold)

for further information contact Rob Davis 506-459-6831

List of Mercury Outboard Motors left for sale.. we will do our best to update this list weekly.. some are already sold..don't wait the deal will never get better..

2018 Mercury Outboard Motors that are left  in our Win Your Motor Promotion -  

This list will be updated often but you should contact Wheels and Deals for up to date availability. When they are sold they gone. 

Model                                   Stock                                                    SALE PRICE 

2.5 MH 4S                            OR849629                                   $ 1077       Click to View on Website

3.5 MH 4S                            0R850242                                     $ 1177      Click to View on Website

4 MH 4S                               0R330072                                      $ 1577      Click to View on Website

 5 MH 4S                               0R868479                                       $1777     Click to View on Website

8MH 4S                                0R831281                                       $2577      Click to View on Website

15 MH 4S                             0R873182                                      $3277       Click to View on Website

15 MLH 4S                           0R873237                                      $3277        Click to View on Website

15 EH 4S                               0R834823                                       $3477      Click to View on Website

15 ELH 4S                             0R845402                                       $3477       Click to View on Website

20 MH 4S                             0R844476                                        $3477       Click to view on Website

20 ELPT 4S                           0R845144                                       $4377         Click to view on Website