Assurant Vehicle Protection Services (VPS)


  1. 100% insured
  2. Solid, stable and strong, Qualities you should expect from Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals. This is a fully insured extended vehicle service plan by one of the largest Insurance Companies in the World with over 6000 employees in North America.
  3. Honored anywhere there is a Certified Auto Mechanic to complete your repairs
  4. Approved emergency car repairs can be undertaken anywhere in North America by a certified automotive technician. Essentially, you choose where your vehicle is serviced. (VPS) formally Coast to Coast recognizes Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals as a premier auto repair facility in Fredericton for your warranty repair.
  5. Head office friendly claims service and advice
  6. 1-800 number for continuous, uninterrupted service for customers. Canadian Head Office Located In Ontario. Claims are as simple as contacting Wheels and Deals Service Center or your Wheels and Deals Sales Consultant.
  7. Flexible coverage and custom options for you to choose
  8. Extensive time, distance and deductible options to personalize your coverage to suit your needs including specific plans designed by women for women. Your Wheels and Deals Sales and Finance Consultant will show you an affordable plan to suit your specific needs at an affordable price.
  9. Payment Protection
  10. Takes away the fear from high cost of unexpected auto repair expense.
  11. Adds to the resale value of your vehicle
  12. Transferable to subsequent owner. 
  13. Roadside Assistance
  14. Eliminates those unexpected situations and circumstances on the road.
  15. Trip Interruption Coverage
  16. All plans include a travel expenditure reimbursement assistance for lodgings, meals and alternate transportation.
  17. Easy Financing
  18. Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals allow the purchase of the vehicle extended warranty to be added to your paperwork thereby costing you only pennies per day.
  19. Providing quality customer and dealer service

Peace of mind motoring from Canada's #1 Car Warranty Company serving over 2500 dealers and over 5000 repair facilities across North America. This combined with our years of customer service will provide you with one of the most solid partnerships available.

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