We will be Postponing our “Magic in Fredericton” event until a safer date… We are disappointed but believe this is in the best interest of everyone involved and all that planned on attending… Hopefully 2022 will be a better year for us all.

Magic in Fredericton            We will adhere to PNB guidelines in place at date of event

Sunday Postponed ..... .... bring your own camera - this is a FREE event 


at Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals 402 Saint Mary's Street, Fredericton NB. 

It's been almost two years and we have all been through a lot. The roller coaster of ups and downs is taking its toll on so many... and travel well that is another storey... So we at Huggable thought, even if travel is not in the cards today. We will bring the travel to you..... 

Bring the kids young and old alike and take your own photo's with our fairy tale Prince's and Princesses from far, far away. Many locals will be on hand dressed up in Disney costumes with colourful back drops set up through out  Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals and PowerSports. 

We will adhere to PNB guidelines at time of "Magic in Fredericton" takes place. Security will be on hand verifying vaccine status and at least one member of each party will be required to supply name and number for contact tracing as PNB mandates. 

We would like to thank the many volunteers that are helping us bring smiles to you and yours this Holiday season...

(updates will be added here as they come up... ) 

Come with an open mind and a warm heart.

Thank you, from the Gilberts, Yerxa Team, "JAC" Jeff Alpaugh Custom,  Platinum Vibe Hair and Aesthetics, Volunteers, and our Team here at Wheels and Deals 

Frozen 11

Meet Anna and Kristoff 

Victoria and Patrick Fairley - Fredericton

Victoria is busy, she has just become the proud owner of Platinum Vibe Hair and Aesthetics in Fredericton and has awesome plans.
Patrick always sporting a smile is an Account Manager for Gap Auto.
Along with becoming entrepreneurs and moving into a new home in Killarney Lake Subdivision. They are kept hopping by their two children Jaxon and Adilyn

Come take your picture  with Anna and Kristoff 
Magic in Fredericton

Beauty and The Beast

Meet Belle and the Beast 

Cassidy Shepherd - Saint John 

Zak Chandler - Prince Edward Island

Dating for a few years now both Cassidy and Zak call Fredericton home.

Cassidy is currently working at Max Health Institute & Physiotherapy

Zak is bus, busy selling Cars, Trucks, Suv's, Motorcycles, ATV and more at Wheels and Deals. 

Both love getting out on E-bikes and are enjoying  all that Fredericton has to offer.

Come take your picture with Belle and The Beast
Magic in Fredericton


Meet Jasmine and Aladdin

Adriene Ewert - Halifax

Daniel Richard - Minto

Adriene could be Fredericton's #1 Cake Decorator  and when she is not shopping she is a Mortgage Specialist with Simplii.

Dan, has just accepted a job with Bell Media as an Account Executive,  Team Wheels and Deals are very sad to see him leave us after spending three years as a Sales and Finance Specialist. We wish Dan the best in his future journey. 

Come take  your picture with Jasmine and Aladdin
Magic in Fredericton


Meet Cinderella and Prince Charming

Jessie (Yerxa) Phillips - Fredericton

Andrew Phillips - Fredericton

Founders of the THE YERXA TEAM of eXp Realty. 

Getting used to never ever ending days and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Jessie and Andrew are well known through out the land as your go to Realtors. Fast becoming video Stars and now they have their son Asher performing and shining in Yerxa Team Productions.  They enjoy looking after clients, selling homes and spending family time at their Grand Lake get away.  Andrew has had to re-don the blades and step on the ice to help out with Ashers new love for  "The Good Old Hockey Game"

Come take your picture with Cinderella and Prince Charming
Magic in Fredericton

Sleeping Beauty

Meet Aurora and Prince Phillip

Jodi Murdock - Fredericton

Justin Roy - Harvey

Jodi, is a friend to everyone,  caring and sharing is her way of life. With a smile that could would light up our city tonight all by herself. Jodi is employed at Hospice Fredericton where her compassion is much appreciated...

Justin, our Hero here at Wheels and Deals, done his home town of Harvey proud when he made the QMJHL Moncton Wildcats. After toiling with the STU Tommies Justin joined Team Huggable and is our go to guy. He does not take his role as manager lightly and leads by example day in and day out.. and yes we can hear him long before we see him coming down the hall...

Come take your picture with Aurora and Prince Phillip
Magic in Fredericton


Meet Elsa and Prince Hans 

Elizabeth Howlett - Prince Edward Island

 Bob Betts - Fredericton

Elizabeth, a graduate from Saint Thomas University decided to make Fredericton her new home and now has 8 years of teaching grade five at Park Street School to her credit.. She loves hiking and spending time in Canada’s vast outdoors… showing grit and determination during her off time Elizabeth is mastering the Minto Mountain biking trails...

Bob, loves being involved and spending time with his daughters Emma and Olivia. It is nothing for Bob to jump in a car and drive, drive, drive just to be able to cheer them on. Since joining team Huggable a few years back, he has become a valuable member of our Sales and Financing Team.

Come take your picture with Elsa and Prince Hans
Magic in Fredericton


 Meet Moana and Maui 

 Raye Doherty - Nova Scotia

 Alex Gilbert - Fredericton

Raye, could be considered our world traveller.  Growing up in N.S. moving to Newport Beach, California with her mom and dad. Then a  few years ago the Doherty family  headed north and now call Fredericton home. Raye, is excited to say she just has just been accepted in the New Brunswick Paramedics Program.

Alex, before joining the family business Alex excelled in sports especially hockey and will always cherish his memories of playing for the Bathurst Titan of the QMJHL. A true leader and co-owner of  Wheels and Deals, he has taken on the dual role of General Sales Manager and Vehicle Purchaser.  Alex and his wife Chelsey Wyman Gilbert have four huggable active children that keep them running day and night. 

Come take your picture with Moana and Maui
Magic in Fredericton


Meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider 

Emilee and Jeff Alpaugh - Ontario

Jeff and Emilee modern day dragon slayers. Jeff a too young to retire Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces had a dream and his soon to be bride Emilee said "Think about it, Be about it" and they were off to become the the Most Dangerous Couple in the land. Yes, "The World's Most Dangerous Dress Shirts" custom made with the conviction that the best clothes are conversation starters. Jeff and Emilee never looked back and are growing their family business in leaps and bounds. Now, the proud parents of two growing boys Jack and Luke, this family of four is changing the clothing industry from inside out...

JAC is on the move, starting out of a Fredericton condo, to two full stores "one in Fredericton and another in Waterloo Ontario" to a feature on Dragon's Den. There is no stopping us now... 

Come take your picture with Rapunzel and Flynn                        Magic in Fredericton

Snow White

Meet Snow White and Prince Florian

Chelsea and Rob Davis

Knowing me, knowing you... Chelsea is the gear that keeps Wheels and Deals spinning. With never ending energy and a get it done attitude. Chelsea gives everything she has every day. As co-owner and the Lady in Charge her days are never ending. Her husband Rob joined and brought diversification to the family business adding on the PowerSports division to Wheels and Deals. Together along with brother Alex and the whole Team they catapulted us into becoming the #1 selling Kawasaki Dealer in the history Kawasaki Canada.  And busy they are their enjoying their huggable children Gilbert and Selena day in day out...

Rob, General Manager and Cornerstone of Jim Gilbert's  PowerSports. His years of knowledge have been heavily relied upon since he joined our team... Both believe community, caring and sharing... is the future of a successful business and marriage. 

Come take your picture with Snow White and Prince Florian
Magic in Fredericton