2019 KAWASAKI KLX 140 & 140L

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The KLX140 has opened the door for a wider variety of riders

 in the small displacement off-road arena. 

Rob Davis, Wheels and Deals PowerSports

Hey everyone. Rob Davis here at Wheels and Deals PowerSports, and we're here today doing a first walk around of this 2019 KLX140 and 140L. Some key features of the bike are the pedal style disc brakes, just like its big brother in the KX models. Moving onto the suspension, the 33 mm front forks boast a great suspension in the front of the bike. One of the best key features of this bike is the electric start system. This bike is powered with a 144cc air cool with a five speed transmission. Just a little more power, a little more output, and a little easier to ride. The KX style aluminum swing arm is a great style suspension, which is another bring down from the KX models. In the rear of the bike, the KLX140 & KLX140L has a rear disc brake system, which is an upgrade from the drum style. The KX style foot pegs offer great traction while riding this bike. The perimeter style frame has also been brought down from the KX models. Also with this bike comes a full tank of fuel, and a three foot singing Teddy Bear. I'd like to thank you for joining me today for this first walk around with this 2019 KLX140 & KLX 140L

Kawasaki 140 & 140L in action

Kawasaki 140 & 140L in action