2019 Kawasaki Z 400 aggressive nose-down/tail-up 'sugomi' inspired style

 shows its common DNA with the rest of the naked “Z” line.The Z400 shows its Huggable Kawi-ness through minimal body coverings that leave little to the imagination.

Lightweight. Class-Leading Power. Refined Raw.

 With class-redefining weight and performance, the all-new 2019 Z400 establishes itself as the pack leader of lightweight naked streetbikes. Clad in aggressive new styling and inspired by Japanese Sugomi* principles, the Z400 delivers ultralight handling with strong low-end power ideal for rider friendly, nimble street riding.  With ergonomics that are friendly to shorter inseams and conducive to relaxed riding. Whether confidently navigating the city streets or parked strikingly on a street corner, this lightweight and powerful streetfighter is sure to turn heads when your sporting around on your Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals Kawasaki Z400. 

Starting with a cut-down/cut-out front fender that sets the stage for the spiky, aggressive design features to come. The headlight housing with dual LED projectors below a small flyscreen that protects the instrument can. Instrumentation, the Z400 sports an all-digital cluster that delivers an analog-style tachometer readout with a block-numeral display for speed and a gear indicator. There’s a digital odometer and trip meter, and a handful of idiot lights split between two clusters to take care of the rest. Radiator rides on the downtubes just above their union with the engine where it can breathe freely of the air coming over the top of the front fender.The handlebar has a little rise to it, and since the overall size is fairly compact, it’s sufficient to push your hands back enough to allow for a fairly-upright riding posture when you want it with room to tuck in when you need to. A 3.7-gallon fuel tank comes to a peak about midway, and it carries a declining line all the way back to the saddle to give your upper torso some room when you go into your racing tuck. The tank has a complex shape that uses an upper flange to fair out the airflow and form the knee pockets that pull your legs in out of the slipstream while tapering down in back to the teeny-tiny waist. 

Your legs reach the ground unimpeded when it’s time to dismount. The rise to the pillion forms a butt-bucket for the pilot and gives the Z400 an aggressive nose-down/tail-up sugomi style that shows its common DNA with the rest of the naked “Z” line and puts the rider “in” the bike more than “on” it. Fold-up, subframe-mount footpegs round out the passenger’s gear. The taillight tucked up under the rear tip with a mudguard that props up the standoff turn signals and license plate to finish up the gear in the re

The Uni-Trak shock in back sports a five-way preload adjuster. Symmetrical, 17-inch wheels run with five thin spokes to keep unsprung weight down.  plus the ABS comes as part of the standard equipment package for a little extra safety and the peace of mind that comes with it. Wow. You better get on over to Canada’s Huggable Car &  PowerSports Dealer now…