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Greetings, Peter here, and today I'm taking a closer look at the Mazda CX 30. Mazda offers an all-wheel drive Mazda three variant which is great for sedan lovers. However, if you're looking for something a little larger, the all-wheel drive CX five may suit you better than this one. The CX 30 sits happily between these two options, which makes it quite interesting to me. Interestingly, this car replaced the CX three, which was known for lacking in size, specifically trunk space. That being said, the Mazda CX 30 offers impressive tech, pleasing design aesthetics, and is a worthy Upgrade from its predecessor. The real question is, will it work for you? I've got you covered in this video!

I'm currently filming from Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals, and they've granted me complete access to their entire selection of vehicles. If you have any questions regarding this particular car or others in its class, be sure to subscribe and leave comments below. I'll be happy to answer your queries and even do follow-up reviews on cars like this exact vehicle! So let's dive in and take a closer look. 

Aside from the CX 30, Mazda offers the MX 30 electric vehicle in this class. It can get messy when it comes to distinguishing one car from the other since Mazda uses the same naming structure for both types. Personally, I prefer car names like the legendary Mazda Miata, easy to remember and recognize. The CX 30, as seen here, is a small crossover. Yesterday, I reviewed another crossover called the Ford EcoSport, which may interest you as well.

This car and the EcoSport technically belong to the same class, but they couldn't be more different. You have to sit in them and experience them to truly appreciate the contrast. That's precisely why online spec sheets can only do so much when it comes to car shopping. What sets this car apart is its modern, sleek look and the advanced technology it boasts. For instance, the single headlight feature is a mark of brilliance. You would typically find it in higher-end car models, but Mazda has managed to integrate it into this class of vehicles with great aplomb. 

The safety features are also noteworthy, with the camera monitoring the lane markers and contributing to the smart cruise control and forward collision braking systems. All-wheel drive, decent-sized tires, and some extra ground clearance give you the flexibility to go anywhere, and the engine is more sizable than what you'd typically expect from vehicles in this class. You also get cylinder deactivation technology that effectively cuts back on fuel consumption. Whilst Mazda has some fantastic powertrain technologies, these are still very much driver's cars, with effortless handling. 

If you're wondering what the experience of living with this car is all about, let's start by taking a look at the rear seat space and trunk and then move on to the technology behind the driver's seat. First, let's examine the tasteful design of the rear of the car, complete with dual exhausts that let everyone know you're not driving an electric vehicle. And those little dots you see? They're actually backup beepers that become more rapid as you get closer to an obstacle.

When approaching the driver's door, I usually show the key fob which houses all the buttons on the side, including lock, unlock, powered trunk and panic button. The trunk space on this model is impressive, with soft carpeting throughout and tie-downs for securing items.

Moving to the back seat, the interior sports a tasteful two-tone color scheme, with a bump up in the middle seat and perforations accentuated in brown. While it is a smaller crossover, it provides ample legroom with flush seating. Additionally, there is a sunroof and a bump is overhead which is adequately placed, giving taller passengers ample headroom.

In summary, this model offers high-end features that set it apart from competitors, such as the powered trunk and ample leg space in the rear seat. Overall, it surpasses expectations and provides seamless comfort during driving.

The driver's seat is configured for me, with just enough space for my knees. While not the roomiest SUV, it's comfortable for me and my friends on short trips. However, taller passengers may find the back seat cramped, especially if there are rear-facing child seats. It's important to shop around in this segment to find the space you need, and to consider what you'll be using the vehicle for. Despite the rear seat being a bit of a compromise, the front seat is excellent and features plenty of amenities- including a Bowes audio system and fully powered seat with tall side bolsters. The brown interior may look odd in photos, but it's actually quite tasteful in person. Additionally, the speedometer doubles as an information display screen and can change to a digital display to show vehicle safety systems. While there are some minor drawbacks, the vehicle offers plenty of value for its class.

This car's screen is phenomenal - it blends seamlessly into the interior, so you wouldn't even know it's there. Mazda's system has a controller that's very adaptable and user-friendly. You have easy access to everything you need. You can cycle through communication and navigation and the mapping system shows right up. The screen's wide angle may make it appear small, but it's actually a nice big screen. Cleverly placed in your line of sight, it's easy to reach and technically impressive. You've got all kinds of options on entertainment: AM/FM satellite, Pandora, Bluetooth, USB ports, and more. The touchscreen is very intuitive and the volume switch is conveniently placed in front of the gear shift, right by the armrest. The screen is easy to control and perfectly placed within your view. The dual zone automatic climate system is displayed on a nice looking screen, and it even has heated seats!

The sleek and simple design of this car is evident in the thin spoked steering wheel and the array of conveniently placed info buttons and controls offering Bluetooth and audio functions. The uncluttered layout is particularly well-executed, making all the buttons easily accessible without overwhelming the driver. Meanwhile, the sophisticated cruise control system adapts to traffic ahead, even featuring hill descent control and various safety mechanisms. Users also benefit from features such as automatic headlights and wipers. The cherry on top is the carbon fiber like pattern in the interior, adding an extra layer of elegance. With this vehicle, every detail is considered and well-executed for maximum ease and enjoyment on the road.

While not quite carbon fibery, this vehicle's sleek design still impresses. The center armrest, which flips open to reveal hidden storage and a movable area complete with USB ports and 12-volt ports, is an especially neat feature. And, despite being compact, this car has a sporty feel that is sure to delight drivers. It's low and in control, with all necessary controls in clear view. The surroundings can feel a little close, as the walls of the car are shoulder-height, but the benefits of its crossover design more than make up for it. Overall, this is a joy to drive - a practical, small crossover that delivers sporty thrills.

Let's talk about the CX-30. This small crossover from Mazda has a lot to offer, but you'll want to sit in it and test out the tech first. The CX-30 has good power and all-wheel drive like the Mazda 3, but it has a more luxurious feel. However, if you're looking for more rear seat legroom, you might prefer competitors like the Kia . Rear seat room is not the CX-30's strong suit, but it's still a joy to drive.

At Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals, you can sit in the CX-30 and Mazda 3 and compare them to competitors in the same class. Finding the right car is about more than matching criteria; it's about finding the car that makes you happy. The CX-30 might be for you if you want the practicality of a crossover and enjoy a great driving experience. Keep in mind that the CX-30 doesn't add as much as other models in the crossover segment, but it's definitely worth considering if it fits your needs.

I hope this review was helpful. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. Make sure to subscribe for more videos, and I'll be sure to get back to you. Thanks for watching!

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