2022 Chevrolet Blazer Redline Edition | In-Depth Review from Jim Gilberts Wheels and Deals

Introducing the Chevy Blazer Red Line edition, presented by yours truly, Peter. This is a vehicle with remarkable style, and in person, it looks even better. When it comes to fashionable vehicles, function is often sacrificed. However, as I take you through this car, we'll explore whether this is the case for the Blazer. I'm filming this at Jim Gilbert's Wheel and Deals, where you can compare the Blazer with other competitors in its class and make an informed decision. I'll show you what makes this car unique and point out particulars that other videos may have missed. 

Starting with the front, the Blazer Red Line has unique styling that sets it apart from its competitors. The red lines around the logo, for example, complement the blackout pieces splendidly. With a two-tone kind of look, this car demonstrates exceptional style without losing functionality.

Up front, these headlights are no skinny little things. They're LED daytime running lights located down low, offering both style and function. The daytime running light illuminates above the sharp cutoff, reducing distractions for other drivers and enabling clear visibility of the road ahead. The headlights down low are a practical feature that minimizes risk of distracting other drivers, unlike the trend of mounting lights up high, posed by taller vehicles. 

Beyond looks and style, the vehicle packs an advanced safety system with features like forward-collision avoidance, lane keeping, and more enabled by the camera located inside the V-behind the mirror. Such features make driving easier and more comfortable, helping the driver maintain focus while minimizing collisions. 

The SUV also features a diffuser-like appearance at the back, showcasing the sleek and sporty design of the car. The trailer hitch at the bottom only adds to its functionality, making it an excellent vehicle for city living and excursions alike.

The SUV comes in two models: a two-litre turbo and a 3.6-litre V6. While the turbo is powerful enough and can tow, the V6 can manage heavier loads with ease. It's not quite compact, but not quite midsize either, striking a balance between size and ability. The car can tow up to 4,500 pounds, making it more practical than the turbo version for frequent use. The turbo is efficient for short hauls around town, but not ideal for long-distance towing due to poor mileage. The V6 provides extra power for heavy loads, so it's better suited for road trips with a camper or sizable trailer. The car's trunk is spacious but has a gap when the backseat is moved forward. The seats are comfortable and adjustable, but the storage area may require a cargo blind.

To make the trunk more practical, there's a hook for a small grocery bag, tie-downs, three tether seats, and a 12-volt port in the back. The little LED light is brighter than it appears and the buttons are surprisingly useful, even though they stand out due to their silver color. The wheels have cool red lines and the Blazer logo is black on the outside and red on the inside. However, they could have done a better job with the silver door buttons, which would have matched the black color scheme better. Other than that, this SUV offers decent legroom and practical space for everyday use.

Despite the awkward angle, I want to share with you the spaciousness inside this car. I jump in easily, fit my legs comfortably, and close the door to muffle the outside sounds. The headroom is impressive, but the legroom shrinks when I maximise the cargo space. I can fix that, though. With the seats moved back, my size elevens have plenty of room, and I can stretch out with ease. The design of this car is smart, and gains glorious space-saving in the way it is carved out. I tilt the seat back and find that even in a fully reclined position, I have tons of headroom. It’s impressive because some cars in this class have a lower roof line, but not this one. Another remarkable feature is the padded armrest, which provides just the right amount of cushioning for comfort. Oh, and let me not forget to mention the speakers and pockets in both doors. This car is not just spacious but aesthetic and convenient too.

This is a review of a vehicle's features. Before we jump into the driver's seat, let's explore the trunk. Here, you'll find USB ports, with A and C standards, for charging your devices. While these ports are probably on one circuit and may not allow you to charge multiple devices quickly, there's a nifty little space to comfortably store your phone. The trunk space is good overall, but not top of the class.

Now, let's take a look at the driver's seat. You'll notice that the seat is powered, with a powered lumbar support that is easy to use. What's even better is that the cloth seats are super comfortable, with different textures that add to its aesthetic appeal. 

One of the coolest features of this vehicle is its smart power tailgate, located conveniently near the driver. This feature ensures that you won't hit your garage door when opening the tailgate. If you need to keep it a little lower, simply tap the knob and the trunk will open lower. This feature is an excellent add-on in terms of convenience.

Moving on to the dash, you have a push-button start that is easy to activate. The analog gauges may seem outdated compared to the digital displays offered by other competitors, but it's totally functional and gets the job done. In addition to the analog gauges, there is a clear screen that displays a variety of useful information, such as speed, trip information, fuel range, and oil life. However, it must be said that the tire pressure is listed in kilo pascals, which could be confusing for Canadian drivers who are used to psi.

Overall, this vehicle is packed with useful features that make driving enjoyable and convenient. While it's not perfect, it's definitely worth considering, especially if you prioritize functionality and ease of use.

To sustain the improved speed and performance of your vehicle, it's imperative to include strength training as part of your usual routine. Moving on to the GM system of the vehicle, the display is user-friendly, providing crisp and clear visuals with valuable information. The am/fm, Sirius Satellite Radio, and backup camera with clear guidelines are impressive.

Notably, the system boasts wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features, which allow you to connect your phone without the need for cables. Additionally, the OnStar feature is a game-changer, providing digital services that range from Wi-Fi to safety and maintenance information. While there is a subscription fee involved, it's a small price to pay for convenience and peace of mind.

Overall, the display and features of the GM system are some of the best in the market, making it a top choice for potential car buyers.

This online system is one of the best available, boasting speedy performance and user-friendliness. Despite a few quirks, like the glove box button's absence of a handle, the system is easy to navigate, with intuitive controls on the dash. The dual-zone automatic climate system and other features are convenient, though some buttons may be small or counterintuitive. Nonetheless, the GM system for switching drive modes is super simple and efficient, with clear labeling and rotation back to two-wheel drive. This SUV's nine-speed transmission and towing capabilities make it an all-around winner.

The inclusion of all-wheel drive or two-wheel drive can be chosen for fuel efficiency and driveline wear, but the all-wheel-drive system offers additional features. Lane marking indicators in the lane-following system help keep the car centered and operate in conjunction with regular cruise control that can prevent collisions. The headlights are adaptive and can be controlled by a camera that is located on the windshield and responds to automakers' collision warnings. Visibility on the road is excellent during the daylight hours due to the auto-dimming rear mirror and a rearview camera, and the daytime running-lighting system is devised with LED technology for clarity and brightness. The car is comfortable to drive, with plenty of headroom and an adjustable steering wheel that can move up, down, and tilt toward the dashboard.

This suits me just fine. If I sit up too tall, I have trouble seeing the climate number, but since I sit quite high in this tall vehicle, visibility isn't affected. And the high belt line gives it a sporty feel, even though you're sitting up high. Other vehicles in this class have it too, but the Michelin Primacy Tour tires on these 20-inch rims are geared for on-road performance, along with the all-wheel drive. If you live where it snows heavily, you can swap out these tires for winter tires. The sporty look matches the handling, which is pretty good, especially for an all-wheel drive type SUV like this one. While it's geared more for on-road performance than off-road adventuring, you still have the practicality of this mid-size crossover with sizeable trunk space and rear seats for five passengers.

This trim line takes the excitement to the outside, while keeping the inside simple, yet sleek. You get key safety and technology features, like wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, OnStar, and the ability to tow about 4,500 pounds, which is impressive for a five-passenger SUV. So, if you're looking for a vehicle with on-road performance, sporty looks, and modern technology, while still being practical as an SUV, this one's for you!

This car is pretty cool. It suits someone looking for a bit of off-roading or versatility. Styling is not a big concern, but it's not bad either. Overall, it's a pretty well-crafted vehicle. The only downside is the gap caused by the sliding rear seats. However, if I'm moving the seats forward, I'm probably not putting in groceries or anything bulky.

The more powerful engine option is impressive to me, making the vehicle even better. If you own one, share your experience in the comments below. And if you have any questions about this or other cars in its class, feel free to ask me. I can compare this vehicle to others at Jim Gilbert's Wheel and Deals.

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