Hi everybody, it's Peter and in this video we're gonna go through in depth the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, which as a name already bothers me because I am old enough to remember what the Mitsubishi eclipse was and it was a pretty cool little sports car, even available as a convertible. And this isn't that. However, it could be a Corolla cross and the Eclipse cross hints at a level of sporting that the Corolla cross certainly doesn't hint at. And we're gonna investigate in this video if it lives up to its name, what I like and don't like about it and what you may like or don't like about it. So first of all, before we go any further, if you have questions about this vehicle or any vehicle in the class, one of the benefits I have here is I have full access at Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals to have the entire vehicle line at my disposal.

And I can answer your questions in the comments and come back with future videos to make sure that I get, give you the answers you want on this vehicle and anything it's class. So do me a favor, hit the subscribe button, leave a like in a comment. And like I said, if you have questions, let's go through and create a little dialogue and make sure we get all the answers that you need. Let's dive into the review. For a long time, Mitsubishi got along with a really long warranty, almost like an extended warranty built in and a very good purchase price. But lately they've been coming out with some very attractive vehicles and this would be one of them. And it hints at a more luxury brand because I've always felt like Mitsubishi doesn't often lead, but they follow very well. And you know, the Eclipse Cross, maybe following the Corolla cross is kind of footsteps here, but they do things differently.

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And when I say they sort of follow, well there's certainly a Range Rover evoke feeling with this name across the front here, the Eclipse Cross here, there's all good quality components as well. You've got L E D uh, daytime running lights down here, L e d headlights, and they're the projector beam headlights. So they are the higher end of available L E D lights in the class. You've got a front camera here, which we'll talk about and generally attractive styling, nice coloring. They do a pretty good job with their features and it's a vehicle worth considering. So let's take a look at the backside as well. Look at a few features there and we'll work our way inside the vehicle and talk about some of the technology and features inside this vehicle. Moving along the side, towards the rear of the vehicle, you've got really flush mounted roof rails, very sporty looking, which are quite nice for aerodynamics, but they also allow you to take your gear up top. 

So again, being a crossover, not a Mitsubishi eclipse of the past, you have to be practical. And these roof rails, although they're tucked in quite nicely, the black color kind of ties it together with the rest of the car. But they are very slim, very sporty like and from this angle it's hard to show on camera, but there's a little bit of a Lamborghini SUV ish look here as much as a Mitsubishi. And again, it's a little bit of that copycat kind of feel. There's some nice little roof lines that you can't see from your camera angle there. Nice lines here that are just hard to show on camera, but it's got some character, it's got some style and it also has the practicality, like I said with with those roof rails. We're gonna talk about the all-wheel drive system. It's a 1.5 liter turbo engine on this vehicle. 

So that is a typical for the class efficient option. It's compared to a CVT and they advertise a lot of other special all-wheel drive system here. It's probably class competitive in this vehicle. We'll talk about that more inside. Let's take a look at the backside and especially the trunk area. So as swooping as that styling is out front and sort of from the uh, side angle out back, even though it has a sharp angle here, it looks fairly square, fairly crossover like things I like, it has a nice little spoiler here. The window is kind of on a bit of an angle, which is nice. You've got a wiper there. I'd love it if the wiper was up in here like they're doing on some vehicles in the class. But overall, very clean look. It also has very good apparent ground clearance. And now I say apparent ground clearance because bumper height is not always the ground clearance on the car, it's the underneath components, but the bumper height here is tall, so it looks like a crossover and it's got a good departure angle if you will. 

If you're gonna go off road, which you're not gonna go that far off road, but it has a nice, you know, strong look here as we open the trunk here, you have a couple things that are quite nice. It's beeping at me a little bit. Uh, headroom underneath there is fine. I'm about six feet tall, it kind of comes up from there. Uh, big large opening. This one happens to have a rubber mat. You've got the cargo cover here, which you can hide your gear in and you've got the 60 40 fold down seat and the seats do recline. We're gonna show you that when we work our way in. Not a whole lot of features in here. There are a little bit of tie downs in here, uh, but sort of a very simple uh, system. Simple trunk, nothing to really ride home about with the sloped roof.

It's not gonna give you that squared off wagon style, uh, space like some other crossovers would, but it has got a decently long floor in here. So good class competitive space. If you're competing in this class, you have to have good rear seat space. And I like showing this view because you've got an easy to climb into vehicle here. The roof line is a little low here, which is kind of standard for the class. Headroom is just fine, a couple inches above me and I've got the seat reclined way back. I can recline it way forward as well like this, which is fairly square, but it does give me, uh, more cargo space. So like I said, you can tilt it sort of to a comfortable angle there and it's very good. Now one thing I like, I'm gonna show you down here. When I climb in and outta this car, my pant legs are not gonna get dirty. 

This is something that Kia does at Hyundai does that other manufacturers do and Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi gets it right in this as well. So lemme show you that first before we take the camera inside and show you a couple features inside here. So walking into the backseat here, we mentioned sort of the good seat height. I'm gonna show you the fabric as well. This is an artificial suede here. They don't try to pretend it's real, but it is kind of nice. What is also nice is that this suede type feel does not get as cold as the leathery type feel over here. And they also take care of you in this model here with the seat heaters for the rear. So you have two levels of seat heating driver and passenger. Gonna give it a little bit of a fault here. There's no pocket on the driver's side there. 

There is a pocket on the passenger side, depends on the manufacturer. Some do uh, pockets on both sides. The door panel, you do have a bottle holder, so that's good news. You also have cup holders in the armrest. So all good things there. And uh, good amount of space here as well. As I show you, let's just jump in here with my knees. I'm about six feet tall, I'm sitting square on the seat and if my knees are there, there is a ton of room here for a six footer, which was where this seat is set for me and a six footer behind. So good overall scores here. One little thing I didn't mention down there is there's a 12 volt port down there at the very bottom, which I'm trying to show but I can't very well. Uh, but yeah, overall decent score for the rear seat. 

As with any vehicle, you were gonna wanna spend more time in the driver's seat than the backseat we hope. And we should show you what the key fob looks like. This is a keyless entry fob, so very simple stuff. Panic button on the bottom, unlock and lock and that's about it. There's a key fob in there, a key in there if you have to use the physical key, we're gonna keep that in our pocket. One touch on the door here unlocks just the driver's door. A double touch unlocks all the doors. Let's jump in again, same thing here with the seats. Now you do have a little extra styling design here, which gives you a little bit extra support out front. They are fairly good seats. One thing that Tishia has done is they do have a bit of a rally racing heritage and sporty comfortable seats are a strong point for them. 

Power seats you can see right there. Let's jump in and we may go wide angle at times through this uh, video. Uh, but alright, let's turn the key car on start button is hard to get on camera but not too hard to reach. So start button right there. We're gonna warm this car up and I am gonna turn on my heated seats, but the nice thing is I don't have to turn them on because the style of buttons in this is a very much a copy of what Toyota has been doing for many years. If you leave it on, it stays on many vehicles when you, um, park the car, if your heated seats are off, it will be off or if they're on, it will turn off when you're, um, not driving. So this one I can leave it in the on position to get in the car and it is on. 

One thing that does not stay on is the steering wheel heater. Now I do have one complaint about the steering wheel heater here on the website. Let's go wide angle for a second here on the website for the uh, eclipse Cross here, they show a heated steering wheel and they show in the diagram that this is red and this is black, so red indicating heat. Now most vehicles in this class, if they have a heat of steering wheel, the whole thing is heated. This one, I'm not sure if it heats the bottom. I will tell you as we go through this review, but it does not appear to heat the top. Now I like to drive with one hand up here in the winter. I'll be down here where the steering wheel is warmer down here so I can start to feel it getting warm already here. It's a good heated steering wheel. It works very well, but like I said, it does not heat up here that I can feel. And we'll double check on the bottom here. It doesn't feel like it does it there either. So just sort of through here. Now one thing that comes through that is quite nice, this vehicle has paddle shifters. Now it is a CVT transmission, but you can create eight different ratios here. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it. Pretend like it's an automatic. Uh, a lot of paddle

Shifted vehicles, they attach the paddles onto the wheel. So when you do exactly what I did, you can't switch gears anymore. Where this one, the downshift is on the steering column. Downshift is always on the left. Upshift is always on the right, which I think is good. It's just always years to find. And the only problem is it's a crossover. You're probably not using the paddle shifts all that much. All right, let's talk about a couple other things. I do like you do have a heads of display here. Let's see if we can get that to properly display. It is hard to film heads of displays, but uh, you can sort of see it there. Now one thing I like, I'm gonna show you in a second, but uh oh, it's disappearing there. There we go. It's gonna disappear just because the way it films with the camera, but you can see those little lines in there. 

I can move it up and I can move it down. Uh, that's pretty standard stuff. Again, the perspective is way off here. It can really almost fill that screen. Uh, the reason it's fading in and out is just like l e d lights flicker. This can fade in and out as well. So we're gonna go back to the wide angle here. Uh, you do have the heads up display there. Now what I like about it is if we come down here, let's go over here, heads up display. You can pop it up or down outta the dash. So again, it is just a little screen there. It can sort of fold down in the dash if you don't want it there. But a lot of cars require you to use a menu system to bring the information up or down on the screen. So if you're a taller person or sitting where I am, you can see it's centered in the screen.

If you're taller, it might be hard to see now just faded away. So let, let come back, see if you're taller. It might be off the screen if you're shorter, it might be in the way. So the idea is you can move that digital display up or down. Uh, and that works very well in this cart because you don't have to go searching for it in the menu. So if you share this car with someone else and you want to move your um, things up or down, you can do that if you wanna move your um, uh, the display information. So then other controls over here. Lane departure warning for collision avoidance system. So it's got a lot of the things that you would have in this class. Uh, sort of standard stuff. You also have blind spot detection. I don't know if I can get that. 

Let's see if I can zoom in. Yeah, there we go. Oh, having trouble focusing on the glass. There we go. Uh, you can see that little blind spot detection right there. So good information there. Also gives you rear cross traffic alert. Now one interesting thing with the mirrors is this is not a super wide vehicle, but in addition to adjusting just the mirrors themselves by power, you can press this button right here where my finger is at and that folds in the mirrors electrically. So you can choose to park in a narrow parking spot, keep those outta the way, uh, of people walking by, which is just kind of a nice feature to have. So a couple nice features, those paddles sit are staying in place although they're probably never used. Nice features. Same thing with the folding in the mirrors. Many people won't use that because they're not used to it, but if you have it, you can sort of fold them in in a tight parking spot and that's good stuff as well. 

You also have on this vehicle the smart cruise control, which is the cruise control that can keep its distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. That's what this is gonna do. Uh, so when you set the cruise control to say a hundred kilometers an hour, uh, car in front of you, if it goes slower, you'll slow down. If it goes faster, you'll speed up up to the speed you had and it just makes driving easier. I also like using it not just uh, for regular cruise control use, but in stop and go traffic. It's often very good. Uh, I I haven't checked if this works at slow speeds. Some models or some uh, vehicle brands that works at all speeds. Some vehicle brands that only works at certain speeds. All right, so the s all awc, I can't remember what the s stands for off the top of my head because I'm trying to film this in one take and oh, it'll come to me. 

But AWC is all wheel control so it's a smart or super all wheel control or something like that. Um, what this is is an all-wheel drive system with a brand name. They're trying to compete with Subaru's, uh, branded name. Everybody's got their brand name all-wheel drive. To be fair, the Mitsubishi one used to be class leading. I think most other people have caught up to it, but there's a button on the dash or on the control here. Let just show you that button while we're here is has the same uh, button here. This is not your all wheel drive, this car is always all-wheel drive, but it does, let me just zoom back in again here. Whoops, bear with me. I'm working with the camera that's moving a little bit here. When I press that button that I just showed you, it goes between gravel, normal and snow. 

So you've got those choices there. Again, not an off-road style tire tread, not an off-road style or snow tire tread either. Uh, but you have a system that sets up the all wheel drive ABS traction control and a yaw sensor, which is a system that uh, senses what the vehicle's kind of doing, uh, leaning, turning that kind of thing. And it controls your all-wheel drive through ABS sensors breaking individual wheels. So it's a good system. Used to be class leading. Most other manufacturers are caught up to something similar like that. So very good, uh, information there. And a good nice color display here. Easy to read, uh, gauges on the left and right with a good color display in here over here. Typical for the class about an eight inch display I would assume. Uh, looking at this, uh, most of it's very, very good if we throw it in reverse here. 

You have a 360 camera which is fairly clear. Uh, you can see one thing that bothers me is that most car manufacturers, this is a bright blue car as you can see here, this should be color matched, right? I mean it's not and I understand why they don't do it, but it'd be cool. But there's your 360 view of the car. It's a camera here, camera in the mirrors and camera on the back. It creates a digital, uh, image of the vehicle in the center. But you have at least, uh, below the bumpers or below the mirrors, you have a view of what's on the ground beside you, which gives you a little bit more control. And a backup camera, you can see the backup camera's got the turning lines, so good stuff in there. You've also got Android Auto, apple, CarPlay, all the basic stuff in here.

The only thing I don't love about it is if we put it back in park for a second here, one of the benefits of having buttons down here is so that you have a physical button. There's a settings button here, there's a settings button there. They feel the exact same. It's not really a button, it's just like touching the screen. So you know, I guess they're always there in front of you, which is nice, but they don't have actual buttons and you know, maybe missed opportunity there, but it's fine. Down here you've got a dual zone temperature control. So you've got 21 degrees set to both left and right side. You can change that. It's also an automatic climate system. It's nicely warming up for me. Let's go check that heated steering wheel again, we know the tops not heated. The bottom has some heat there. The top still feels cool. Definitely very warm where you're supposed to keep your hands very warm on the side. Yeah,

I don't know if the bottom's heated or not. Might just be the heating vents. Does not feel that warm on there. Um, but yeah, side areas are heated for sure, so we know that. So there's that, um, side heated there. Now you have a drive mode here in addition to the gravel, the snow and everything else, which are really terrain type modes. Uh, you have eco mode here, which just helps to get great fuel efficiency. Sometimes eco modes can make the car feel a little sluggish, uh, if you drive efficiently anyways. Eco modes usually work well with you if you drive aggressively. Eco mode is not gonna save you any fuel. It's just gonna be the kind of thing that um, may get in the way. Two USB ports here. We mentioned the Android auto, the Apple car plate, you're gonna have to plug in for those.

And there's a 12 volt port there out front as well. Again, CBT transmissions, continuously variable transmission. Those are good for efficiency. Uh, they uh, also have fake gearing. We'll explain that in some other video, but if you wanna change your own gears you could drop, drop it that way, go up and down through the gears like that. Or you can use the paddle shifters. And then you have electronic parking brake with the auto hold feature as well, which means if you release the um, break on this car, it could stay in place. Overall a lot of different um, colors in here. You've got sort of the uh, black, um, piano black, you've got the silver over here. You've got the or silver aluminum type trim over here. You've got the carbon fiber copy over there and you have sort of this leather look down here. 

It is soft touch in the front seat. It is not soft touch on the armrest in the rear seat. So something to keep in mind. Your rear seats are heated but they're not soft touch armrests overall, pretty impressive car. Let's just look one more thing before we jump outside again. You've got your garage door openers there on the mirror, which I quite like. It also is an automatic mirror. Um, garage door openers of course. Just make it easier to not have the ugly rattly thing up on your uh, uh, mirror thing right there. So very nice inside, decent technology and yeah, let's just jump outside now. So I always like to talk about who are these vehicles for. And this one's an interesting one to me because purely on a spec sheet, this car stands out, it's got some nice features. It's got uh, that two 1.5 liter turbo engine that's sort of a modern version of an efficient engine.

CVT transmission helps with that as well. You've got good all-wheel drive system. You've got things like heads up display, decent safety features. You've got a lot of things that are very, very good from the spec sheet. However, see this is what I think will work at Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals. I'm independent and I'm allowed to be honest, this is still not a class leading vehicle. But here's the thing, vehicles that aren't class leading sell every day to all kinds of people. And if you are someone who wants some of the technologies in this, wants a good driving vehicle, don't care that your rear armrest isn't padded or don't care about some of the little things in there, uh, you may find that this is actually a perfect vehicle for you. It looks great, it's good value, it's got that really long warranty. I really like, like I said, the styling overall, some of the features here, having the electrically fold in mirrors may not be something that matters to you. 

But if you have a tight garage or you park with kids toys in your garage, something like that near there, these are really, really nice. And if you've ever had damage in the parking lot, being able to fold them in is really nice as well. Same thing with the ability to take extra things up here. You still have a compact, easy to drive or relative to compact, easy to drive crossover where you can still take all of your stuff with you. I would've liked to see a sunroof on this model. It doesn't have it. Uh, that 360 cameras act is quite nice though as well. And it just depends on which features matter to you. And here's the amazing thing about Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals. You can compare this vehicle to just about everything in the class right here on the lot and you can deal with the same salesperson who doesn't care if you buy the Mitsubishi or the Toyota or the Hyundai or the Kia or anything else on the lot Ford. 

And there's all kinds of 'em. They don't care. They'll make sure they give you the numbers on whichever one and you get to decide which vehicle is best for you because what's class leading to an auto magazine may not be what you want. Like I said, for me, I'd love to have a sunroof at this level and I would maybe give up the 360 camera. I've had 360 cameras in some of my cars before and while they're nice, it's not a huge concern for me, but they are very nice. I really like that it has rear heated seats here, so that's also a nice thing. There's just so much to like, it just depends on what you want in a vehicle. Is this vehicle right for you? What you can decide yourself? Let me know when the comments below what you think about this car and what you may wanna see it compared to, because I'd be curious to see what you're cross shopping with this vehicle so that I can do future videos to compare this vehicle to that. And make sure you hit the subscribe button because I'm working on building out the channel a little bit, but I wanna make sure we create a little bit of a dialogue around some of these classes of vehicles. So thanks everybody for watching. Again, if you wanna see the vehicle in person, Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals here in Fredericton, new Brunswick. And make sure you subscribe, comment below and thanks for watching.

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