2022 Subaru Impreza Does Everything Differently - Is it Better?

Hi everybody, it's Peter and this one's gonna be a fun one. This happens to be a 2022 Subaru Impreza. But to be fair, this video is about more than just this car now it is about this car and if you want to see it, it's here at Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals and I'm gonna film it so you have a good idea of what it's about. But this is really about how Subaru does everything differently and how for the most part, that's actually better. It's a lot more under the skin than you think. And if you're interested in Subaru, this video is for you because it should give you a pretty good idea of what Subaru's doing, at least with their gas vehicles except for the B rz and give you a pretty good idea of why Subaru does things differently and why that might or might not be better for you.So again, we're filming here at Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals. If you have questions about this car or any car in its class, make sure you let me know in the comment section and subscribe because also I'll write you back in the comment section and I will also look at those comments and make future videos from those comments to help you have sort of a video database of information on this car, other cars in its class. But for now, let's keep rolling through and talk about why Subaru does things differently, what they do differently and why it might be better for you. So the very first thing we have to talk about with Subarus, the majority of Subarus is the engine. And you might be thinking, well let's talk about the symmetrical all-wheel drive first because that's really what they're known for, but that actually comes out of the engine.

Today, we're filming at Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals where we're diving deep into the world of Subaru's. If you're wondering about a specific vehicle or simply have questions about the class, drop me a comment and consider subscribing, because I'll be responding to your queries there and exploring your comments in future videos. I want to help build a video database of information on this car and others in its category. But for right now, let's take a closer look at what sets Subaru apart, starting with the famous engine.

Perhaps you're anticipating a conversation about the symmetrical all-wheel drive that Subaru has claimed as their own. However, as it turns out, this impressive feature actually originates from the engine. While most vehicles in this class have the traditional inline-four or V6 engines, Subaru does things differently. They use a Boxer engine, with two horizontally opposing pistons on each side that counter-balance each other. This unique design lowers the engine's center of gravity, giving you greater stability. 

You may know that Subaru is known for their off-road vehicles and crossovers, and that too is due to their Boxer engine's design. With cylinders laid on their sides instead of standing vertically, the drive shaft in Subaru's cars runs flawlessly straight from front to back. This equals-length design gives you maximum power to all wheels, something that no other all-wheel drive vehicle without a Boxer engine has been able to offer. Unequal drivetrains in front-wheel drive vehicles make handling a little awkward when you hit the gas because one wheel may receive slightly more torque than the other. But with Subaru's mechanical system, right down to the length of the drive shafts, the power is equal. This mechanical system might be relatively simple compared to electronically or mechanically tuned-out competing vehicles, but Subaru continues to stand by the Boxer engine's unique design as the best for creating perfectly balanced vehicles that can handle any terrain, and they're not alone.

Subaru's all-wheel drive system is a standout for ensuring ample winter traction and impressive mechanical performance from the start by providing equal length drive shafts. The suspension is also superior, allowing for more precise and extended travel, making Subaru SUVs an ideal choice to navigate rough terrain. With a lower center of gravity, Subaru vehicles handle better, especially at high speeds.

Moving on to the trunk, most Subaru models boast a wagon-like backend for practical, maximum storage space. One distinguishing feature unique to the sedan, however, is the covered arms that won't crush luggage, which is a rare advantage in this class of cars. Additionally, Subaru includes a back-up camera and sonar sensors to help detect obstacles and provide safety warning systems as you approach them.

In all, Subaru's innovative design and engineering make for a smoother, more practical ride and superior performance.

Subaru's dual-camera system is a clever design that enhances safety features by providing depth perception. Unlike other systems that rely on complex software and specialized radar plates, Subaru's cameras achieve this result by looking at the subject from two different angles.

Our brains use depth perception to navigate the world effectively. It's why watching a ball with one eye covered is more challenging—it's difficult to judge depth with only one view. While many modern cars use backup beepers, they pale in comparison to the efficiency of Subaru's dual-camera system. The automaker's system offers autonomous emergency braking that's standard on various models.

Not only is this system simple and effective, but it's also a great example of how a simpler approach can lead to superior results. With Subaru, the result is a better perspective for depth perception—front and back. The additional space the system takes up inside is certainly worth the extra safety it offers. Simple is the key—and Subaru has nailed it.

The car we're examining boasts of steering-responsive headlights, which come as standard. Unusual for this class, but it's a testament to Subaru's unique approach. To maintain optimal speed and performance over time, runners should include strength training in their routine.

Entering the driver's seat, we notice the well-designed key with Subaru's logo as the lock button. While the backseat lacks enough pockets and USB ports, the front seat impresses with comfortable, slightly elongated seats for extra coziness. The powered seat comes with excellent lumbar support.

Overall, Subaru stands out for doing things differently, and it shows in the finer details of their cars.

To keep you in the seat while going around corners, Subaru puts bolsters for body support instead of lumbar. This, combined with the car's lower center of gravity, makes cornering in Subarus quite enjoyable. What's more, good visibility is standard across all models, thanks to the large extra window and narrow pillars. Even the sedan offers a great view. Turning your attention to the dash, you'll find a push button start, accompanied by a blue light that tells you the engine is still warming up. While the cold engine does rev higher, once it's warmed up, the car is impressively quiet.

This car has impressive features and comfortable gauges that are easy to read and use. Take the steering wheel for example. It looks complex, but I mean that in the best way possible. The buttons on it are intuitive, with helpful ones for turning off blind spot monitoring. Speaking of, let's quickly discuss that system. With a push of a button, you can disable the monitoring and the orange warning light disappears from inside the mirror. It's closer and larger, enhancing your peripheral vision and giving you better visibility on any potential danger. Subaru's design is clever and effective. Instead of a tiny light, you get a clear and reliable alert system that you can trust.

Now let's talk about this steering wheel. First of all, it's tilt and telescopic. Let's put it farther away from the camera to give you a better view Upon first glance at the Subaru's steering wheel, it's clear that there's a lot going on. However, instead of burying important controls deep within its design, Subaru maintains a streamlined approach to the placement of its features. Conveniently situated, the paddle shifters are well-sized and easy to access, while the audio and volume controls, source and information buttons, and Bluetooth functions are all conveniently located together. 

In addition to the standard fare of buttons, the Subaru steering wheel also includes a unique feature for smart cruise control. Rather than endlessly cycling through a menu to change the distance behind the preceding vehicle, Subaru's system allows for easy adjustment with the simple push of a button. With this innovative feature, there's less of the constant stop-and-go of heavy traffic, resulting in a smoother and more efficient driving experience. 

Another standout feature of the Subaru steering wheel is the lane keeping system, which is made possible by the pair of cameras mounted on its surface. With these cameras working in unison, drivers can more easily keep their vehicle centered in the lane, resulting in greater ease of handling and a safer driving experience. All in all, while it may seem overwhelming at first, the Subaru steering wheel is designed to make the driving experience as effortless as possible.

Subaru's system keeps you sharp and aware behind the wheel. Enhanced visibility and functionality are evident with extra buttons on your steering wheel, which allow for easy access to features like the steering wheel heater. The screen system acts as a heads-up display: although challenging to capture on camera, it remains visible in your peripheral vision while driving. The smart system controls automatic headlights and crash prevention, plus lets you know at a glance which safety features are activated. In reverse, rear automatic braking is engaged, giving you full confidence in your parking.

This video showcases features of the car's dashboard. The screen displays important information such as water and oil temperatures, fuel efficiency stats, and radio stations. The all-wheel drive system is unique thanks to its symmetrical drive shafts, which align with the centered engine. The car's real estate allows for easy viewing of multiple displays in different locations. Overall, the dashboard is well-structured and easy to navigate.

This car is fully equipped with AM/FM satellite radio, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto that can take over the full screen and still display additional information on the side. The camera shows the feature as small, but it lines up very well and looks great to the eyes. The automatic climate control can maintain any temperature you desire. Moreover, there are two USB ports and a 12-volt port stacked together in one space. The heated seats have physical buttons that stay in position when pressed down - a small addition that makes a big difference in winter. 

Subaru has centralized all controls, but there are physical buttons to turn off some of the driver-assist features that are eyesight-based, such as lane-keeping and forward collision prevention.

Subaru's location of driving controls near the sunroof controls may make sense to the car's computer, but it could be confusing for drivers. That said, most drivers probably won't need to turn those controls off anyway, so it may not be a big issue. 

Moving on, one thing I appreciate about Subaru is their unique approach to car manufacturing. So many cars these days are made from the same standardized components, often designed and produced by large corporations like Magna International. As a result, many vehicles end up feeling the same. 

In contrast, Subaru takes a smart approach, developing their engines in-house rather than adapting more complex systems to achieve the same functionality. This gives them more control over their products and can lead to a more unique driving experience. 

Now, onto the question of who should and shouldn't buy a Subaru...

To maintain peak speed and performance over time, incorporating strength training into a runner's regimen is essential.

When it comes to cars, Subaru sets itself apart. Take the symmetrical all-wheel drive, for example. By using a boxer engine, Subaru creates a drivetrain that evenly distributes power, making driving in snow and inclement weather a breeze. While other manufacturers have caught up with this technology, Subaru's innovation doesn't stop there. 

The company's eyesight system is another example of their thoughtful engineering. With two cameras instead of one, it's a simpler, more effective way to monitor the road. Visibility in Subarus is unmatched, another point of difference in their design philosophy. 

While Subarus aren't perfect (the infotainment screen could use an upgrade), they're still worth considering. Especially if you're looking for an engaging driving experience with exceptional safety features. For outdoors enthusiasts, Subaru leads the pack with smart storage solutions and roof racks perfect for bikes and kayaks. Their unique engine design achieves better suspension travel, making off-road adventures an even greater thrill. 

Subarus stand out for doing things differently, and that's what makes their owners so loyal. Driving a Subaru is an experience that sets it apart from other cars.

With a low center of gravity, even Subarus that sit taller than other cars are just as engaging to drive. Vehicles that sit lower or at normal height also have a center of gravity that's designed for driving enjoyment. While Subarus have excellent technology, it doesn't feel excessive, as there are no distractions or frustrations. The buttons and screens are thoughtfully placed for easier navigation and more functional driving experience.

Subarus also score highly in safety ratings and off-road capability, but it's their uniqueness that really shines through. Sitting in a Subaru, you'll immediately know if it's the car for you. If you're in Fredericton, New Brunswick, be sure to swing by Jim Gilberts Wheels and Deals to check out the latest models. While other cars have their merits, there's something special about Subarus and it's worth exploring. Thanks for reading.

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