The driving range and acceleration performance are mighty impressive and perfect for traveling long distances between charges plus it then charges-up quickly. A win, win , win in these days of $10.00 a gallon gasoline. No expensive gas for me says your Tesla to you...

Featuring a flashy Falcon-wing rear doors, it presents a unique proposition in the growing EV-crossover segment.

Our Model X comes standard with two electric motors making a total of 670 horsepower and all-wheel drive.The cabin is an exercise in modernism, with a giant screen dominating the dashboard providing touch-sensitive access to most of the Model X's features.

An Ultra Modern Yolk Stirring wheel added with a owing Capacity of 5000 (pounds) adds to the many unique aspects of the Model X — the panoramic windshield, the upward-opening falcon-wing doors and the sports car trust acceleration makes this a winner get Yours today with out any delay at Jim Gilbert Wheels and Deals
Our Model X is engineered to wow. 

You will impress your passengers with sheer speed and your panoramic windshield, plus entertain yourself in the school pickup line as your kids and their friends pile in through an outstretched falcon-wing door. The X's theatrics have likely converted a good number of SUV fans to EVs wanting to stand out in the crowd.

Fully financing available and trade-ins wanted