Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays April 15, 2019

"You'll never always be motivated. You have to learn to be disciplined."

Motivation is what gives us a jump start to reach our dreams and our goals. Discipline is actually what carries you through. You're going to fall into a rut and it's absence of motivation, but the discipline is what's going to drive you to wake up every morning when you're not feeling like motivated doing it. The discipline's what's going to keep you up at late night working on a project that you need to get done to reach those goals. 

So I think it's just, motivation gets you all excited, gets you pumped up, but a lot of times, you know, three weeks into working out or three weeks into eating healthy, the motivation dies off. It is the discipline that is going to get you through it.

So in your life it's not always that you've got to look for the motivation to do things. You need to look for your discipline and keep yourself disciplined. Sometimes that's a matter of writing it down, writing your goals on the wall so it reminds you every day. So just those days you wake up and you don't really want to do whatever it is your goal is, you know what? It's just a little reminder. Do you know what.. be disciplined. Follow through and just show yourself you can do it. Once you maintain that goal or reach that goal, it's just going to spiral into a lot of positive effects. 

I hope we motivated you today to find some motivation, but once you find that motivation, to stay disciplined throughout the goal. Have a Huggable Day.