Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays April 22, 2019

Chelsea here today with Chelsea's #Motorvational Mondays. The thought of the day, be excited and amazing at everything you do

I was lucky enough last week to be picking up a parcel. The lady bringing it out that worked there couldn't have been more excited to help me out. She just was happy and bubbly and it just, you could feel it when she was talking. She was just excited. And then she was so excited that I would wait a few seconds for her to run back in to get a treat for my dog. 

You know, to see that in the world isn't always that normal these days. And I just think the more all of us could be a little bit more smiley, a little bit more positive, a little bit more excited with everything we we're doing, you know, show the appreciation. You're waiting in line, smile. You know what? Who cares if it's a big line. Be happy you can wait in line and pay for those items.

Just try to find the positivity and the excitement in everything. And if you can show that in your being, it's just going to bring ... You're going to be happier more. The happier you are, the happier your aura is, I do believe. And you know, life will kind of provide that back. Let's change the world one step at a time and show positivity and excitement no matter what job you're in, no matter what you're doing. If you're walking down the trail, smile and be positive. 

Hope we motivated you today to throw a smile on that face and show some excitement. Have a Huggable Week.