Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays Aug.12, 2019

"You either need inspiration or desperation to make some changes".

So on this motivating Monday, let's choose inspiration. Sometimes people wait until in desperation they make those changes in their personal life, their work life, their health, work, just any kind of thing. They wait and then in desperation where there's an ultimatum given and then they have to do it, and then you're doing it in kind of a negative way. 

Let's use inspiration. Let's use that. Be proactive. Be proactive with changing your health style, so that you don't get yourselves into that situation. It will lead you into a happier way.

So throughout this week, think of those proactive or inspirational things to change. You want something that if you were given a ultimatum that you would 100% change then lets proactively do it before that ultimatum comes. 

I hope we motivated you today to find your inspiration before the desperation hits. Have a Huggable Day.