Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays Aug.26'19

Today we have Gair Maxwell, going to Motorvate you on this lovely Monday morning.

forecheck, backcheck, paycheck

Chelsea,  I think deep down you've got all of the Motorvation inside you from your hockey days. You were a hockey player. You played for the last 14 years and you played a pretty good level of hockey, if I'm not mistaken, I know you're a little modest about it. You played for Team New Brunswick, then Canada Games twice and Senior Nationals three times. 

So we can say in many respects you're a hockey expert.

Three things from hockey that I think are so crucial here on Motorvational Mondays. .......Forecheck.......Backcheck........Paycheck ....Forecheck..........Backcheck...........Paycheck. Here's how it plays out.

Forecheck. Those are all the pro-active things you got to do in business and life. You've got to be thinking forward. You got to be doing things for other people, spreading the good karma. That's the Forecheck, right? You've got to be a good person. You've got to be giving, charitable. There's all kinds of stuff you can do on the Forecheck. 

The Backcheck is all the loose ends, and the spinning plates, and all the details, all the stuff that falls through the cracks.Life, right? All this stuff you actually got to get done. The Forecheck. The Backcheck. 

The more you can Forecheck and Backcheck, the better chance you have of getting a better Paycheck.

Those are the things that we wanted to share today on Chelsea's Motorvational Monday. Have a Huggable Week.