Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays December 30, 2019

"New Year, New Me"

We're almost into that 2020 and everyone's starting to make plans of what they're going to start 2020 or probably the Monday following, when 2020 lands here. And that's fantastic. Write it down, get it on paper, make those goals, make those plans. But the question is, "Do you have a check in time with yourself?" There's probably no one out there that's going to hold you accountable to your plans.

 So in your phone, in your schedule somewhere, check in with yourself, monthly, quarterly, weekly, whenever you want. But make sure it's planned out for the year. Do you have something in your calendar for September 1st to say, 'Hey, remember that goal of losing 10 pounds this year? Where are we?' Life is busy. It's hard to keep those things going. 

As you're making your 2020 plans, write them down, plan of action, but set up some things in your life to remind you, reassure you, and help you get to those goals for 2020

I hope you have a Huggable Start to the Year.