Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays December 9, 2019

"You can't control others, but you can control yourself."

As you're going throughout the holidays, there could be someone runs into you, maybe they're grumpy, maybe someone's in a hurry, you don't know, and you have two choices. You can get all worked up, upset about it, or you can just, do what, smile, be happy and move and carry on. You don't actually know what that person's going through and possibly going down to per se, their level at that point in time isn't going to make the situation better. It's just going to throw you into a bad mood. 

And you never know, by you being happy, smiling and just maybe positive. Someone cuts you off, just smile and let them go through. That can actually help turn their day around. In the holiday times there's everyone going through multiple different things, highs and lows. 

What can you do to control yourself to just make sure you're sending those positive vibes out there, and possibly creating some positivity in someone else's life. That maybe then they'll spiral on to someone else.

I hope we motivated you for the next week and the coming weeks to just, if something, someone's negative, grumpy, something, just try to throw in a smile and just see if you can turn theirs around, or help them out. It's not going to hurt you anyways. Have a Huggable Week.