CHelsea's Motorvational Mondays February 10,2020


The thought of the day comes from something I was listening to the other morning. It talked about how we want everything to happen so quick, we have a plan of action, we're going to lose weight. We eat healthy for one week and we haven't lost 20 pounds and we're throwing our hands up and usually quit. Multiple different things with that is we seem to think there's going to be a quick fix and in life there, a lot of time, just isn't a quick fix.

 I mean, look when you started school, you started math in grade one and you learn something new every year taking you into high school. It's a process in everything we're learning. If you're trying to be a better leader, trying to grow in your position. It's about start reading those books, but you might read that book, doesn't mean you're going to change that minute. It's about just changing a little bit constantly every day, working towards it and working towards a greater good for yourself. 

I hope we motivated you today just to realize things aren't going to always just change perfectly overnight, but to keep the consistency going to help you get there. 

Have a Huggable Day.