Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays February 17, 2020

"Lack of consistency is the subtle but great stealer of dreams and goals."

I think that is definitely true, we've discussed this a few times, about staying consistent towards whatever your goal is, try to be healthier, learn more, but also understanding that you might need an accountability partner. You might need a coach, you might need a life coach. Is a lot of these people you're watching do all these things, these great things you might think, "Man, how do they stay consistent? How do they do that?" 

Most of them have someone helping them, keep them on track or they have a process that they've realized works. They've probably gone through a lot that hasn't worked also. So if you're trying something and it's not working, it's not a bad thing just to try something else, or maybe ask your friend to help you stay consistent. It could just be a quick text message, a quick reminder on your alarm clock. Who knows what it is? 

I hope you we motivated you this week to try to stay consistent and get help trying to stay that way to keep your goals going. 

Have a Huggable Day.