Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays February 24, 2020

"Change the story in your head that you created about you."

What we mean when we're saying that is what is the story you've created about yourself in your life? And is that a negative or is that a positive story? 

Is your story when you're going to bed at night that, I couldn't do this or I failed this? Or is it all the 20 things you positively got done and the fantastic day that you did have? As we're going throughout our lives, we tend to create a self negative story or a story about ourselves that we don't want to be true.

What's the true story you want to be you? Start telling it to yourself, and like anything else you want to remember, tell it to yourself daily, weekly. Keep reminding yourself the positive story that you're telling about your life to help create the life that you want to have. 

Have a Huggable Day.