Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays January 13, 2020

"Don't just calculate the costs of taking action, calculate the costs of not taking action."

You're starting your year off and 2020's here. It's not always about the cost of what's going to happen. Some people will say gym memberships costs a lot of money. If you don't get a gym membership and you don't commit to that and you don't get healthy, what does that cost? 

I think a lot of times we always think of the one-sided aspect of something. But what is the cost of not taking action on something you want, whether it's health, learning, anything really something in your personal life, in a relationship?

As you're going about the week and starting it off, let's just think about the cost of the action, but also think of the cost of not taking action and where that might lead you into the future. 

Have a Huggable Week.