Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays January 6, 2020

2020 Progress

Well we're into 2020 and you have a lot of stuff in place so your plans of action is to make sure you're doing positive affirmations to yourself and not trying to maybe make those plans in a negative way. It's not that I'm going to lose ten pounds, if that's the only way you're writing it down, you're not going to do that in a week.

 So make sure it's I made progress towards my goal. I made progress towards losing ten pounds. What's the progress you're making? You definitely want to have that plan you're trying to get to, but make sure as you're starting off you're not so set back by maybe not accomplishing it because it could take two, three, four, six months. 

Make sure you're using those right affirmation words like I'm making progress, I'm growing towards this, I'm learning more, I did it. Show positivity to yourself and positive affirmations in the way you use your words.

I hope this helps you in 2020 to just create that positive life and keep that positivity in yourself that you are going the right way. Have a Huggable Day.