Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays July 15, 2019

"It's not about the importance of where we stand but the direction we are going."

Life is either going up, down. It's never in a stagnant line. So it's always a thought of what are we doing to grow each and every day, or what is the momentum we have that could be on a positive momentum. Or something on a momentum that could be negative and harming us. 

We could a came off a high of a fantastic hitting a goal and then all of a sudden we just go stagnant. We're not actually going stagnant. That means you're going down because you're not maintaining where you were. So it's just a thought to always think is every day is not about where we stand, every day is a direction you're heading.

So I hope we motivated you to head in the correct direction today. No matter what your goals are, your thoughts are, you know be positive, huggable, helpful.

Just be motivated this week to get some stuff done. Have a Huggable Week.