Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays July 22, 2019

"Change your Thoughts, Change your World."

A fantastic thought really on a Monday. It's starting the week, it's sunny out, beautiful, and came off a fantastic weekend. So, every day we choose, every minute we choose what we're thinking about it. 

Change your Thoughts, Change your World. Think positive, act positive, smile. Even just smiling sometimes when you're upset, can create that action in your body just to be a little bit more happy, little more thoughtful.

As you're going throughout your week this week, just think about that. Everything you're doing, think about your thoughts. What do you think about the thoughts? And just try to change them into more positive, proactive way, just to make yourself happy and others around you. 

 I hope we motivated you today to Change your Thoughts and Change your World. Have a Huggable Week.