Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays June 17, 2019

"Please your future self."

What I mean when I say, please your future self , is think of yourself in the future. If you commit to going to lunch with someone, you show up that day. But yet you may commit to doing dishes, but you don't stay up five minutes later, and do them, and then future you has a dirty kitchen. 

Whether it's just making your bed in the morning, doing the little bit of dishes, or going to the gym when you commit to it, is please your future self. 

Don't eat that meal because the future you is not going to feel good. So as you're going about your day this week, just think about what are you doing right now and is that pleasing your future self. We are always so concerned with pleasing other people. Every now and then it's nice to just put you first and everything you do, put to please your future self. 

So I hope we motivated you today to think about you in the future and keep yourself in mind. Have a Huggable Day.