Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays March 25'19

"You're confined only by the walls you build for yourself."

We have a unique capability, as humans, to limit our own selves and our abilities. Unfortunately, the more self aware we become, the more we concentrate on our weaknesses, and that actually drives us to limiting our visions. 

We get the fear of failure, the fear of not end up doing something, maybe, say, 100%, is what we think in our minds. But today on this #Motorvational Monday, we're gonna break all these limiting shackles.

You're gonna work on your dreams today, not matter what, no matter how delayed you are. If you wanna start running and your end game's a 10k run, you don't have to get there in a week and you don't have to get there today. It could be 10 years away. Stop letting yourself and your thoughts on your weaknesses ruin something that you really wanna do. 

So I hope today we've motivated you today to stop shackling yourself, and break those shackles, and open up the dreams to do and be whatever you wanna be. Have a #Huggable Day.