Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays May 20, 2019

The thought or quote of the day is, "The key to change is letting go of fear."

Most of the fear ... and when we fear things we change, we fear things that we might want to do, but we don't know that we can succeed or do it. Most of that fear is made up right here. They're stories we told ourselves, things we told ourselves, and most of it just isn't true. It's something we combobulate in our head of how it's always going to turn out, even though we have yet to try, or at least fully try, but full effort in. 

So, if there's something you're thinking about doing, a change you want to make in your life, but you have this worry that maybe you're not going to do it perfectly or have this completion, why don't you write down all the fears on a piece of paper.

Take your time, go through those fears, and are any of them even actually legit or are they just thoughts of what may happen, what may come? Because just as easily as those fears may happen and may come, a positive thing might happen. You might make the change you want to make. You might start creating a little bit better life that you want to make. You might have more happiness in your life. Who knows? So when you're writing down that list, put your fears down, but also put the possibilities down of what could happen. All the exciting things, and watch that list grow, and let that list take over. Let those thoughts take over your mind, so that you can then change and do what you want to do, become someone you want to be, or just keep growing your life as it is. 

I hope we've motivated you today to cut out the fear out of your life, stop thinking about all those possibility things of not going right, and think of everything that can go right and the things you can do, because you're always stronger than you think you are. Hope you have a Huggable Day.