Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays November 18, 2019

"Change Nothing, nothing will change." 

What are we doing that sabotages ourselves? Our routine in the morning, our routine at night, something that we just haven't contemplate and we don't change it, but yet you might get frustrated all the time. So as you're going throughout the week, do you find yourself in the same situation constantly, where maybe it should be changed up? 

So just as you're going throughout the week kind of self think about that. When you get to a point of maybe being stressed, or you're running late and going, "Okay, what caused this?" Maybe what caused it last time and the time before that, and if it's the same continual thing, it may be time for a change.

If we change nothing, nothing will change. So as you're going through your life and things get growing, getting bigger and more positive, sometimes change does need to happen. 

Hope you have a Motivational Week.