Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays November 25, 2019

Create great Routines and great Habits.

The thought of the day is facts of life, I guess, we'll call it is you're not always going to be motivated. You're not always going to be inspired. Life is going to happen. There's going to be fears. There's things that are going to come around. You're going to have worries. Something may happen that's out of your control. But one thing we can control is routines and habits. 

So if you start creating great routines, great habits, those things that happen throughout life won't create any sort of spiral effect, won't hold you up. It'll help you continue on with your goals that you want to reach and anything you have going on. 

Think about the routines and habits you have and create the good ones so that when there's stress of life, or just when life happens, it doesn't throw you off the ball. 

Have a Huggable Week.