Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays November 4, 2019

"Little Reminders"

Little Reminders

Like this Motorvational Monday you watch, it's just a little bit of assistance for you on your motivation or for doing something positive as you're going on. It could be as simple as a quote that's on your desk. A quote on your desk or in your house,'s not going to change your life, however, it is a little reminder of something positive or something that kind of takes you back to what you want to do or where you're heading. Unfortunately, that also works with a little bit of negativity we see constantly. 

So throughout this week, just watch. It's what you're reading, what you're thinking, what you're constantly seeing, and if it seems to be more negativity than positivity, it may be time to unfollow some friends or change what you're watching or maybe like or follow people on Twitter that are positive and motivational. 

Have those more constant reminders throughout the week. 

I hope we motivated you today to think about the Little Things to Keep You Motivated. Have a Huggable Day.