Chelsea's Motorvationa Mondays October 14, 2019

"Expectation leads to creation. What are you shining the light on in your dark room or someone else's?" 

Expectation Leads to Creation

Whatever we shine our light on, that's what's going to become more observant. More thought process to us, what we're thinking about. When you're going throughout your day and throughout your week, whether it's personally or for someone else, what are you shining the light on? Do you always shine the light on that little thing you, maybe, did wrong? But the other 15 hours you're awake, you did billion things right. Did you shine the light on something someone else did wrong? But the other 99 things, they did right. 

We just got to watch what we're always shining a light on because those expectations do become reality. We're going to find which we're looking for. 

When you're thinking about this week, let's look to shine that light on the positive of the week. The good that happens in the world, the good that's going on in Fredericton, the good in yourself. Everyone does fantastic things. And there's something in everyone that is fantastic and great. Try to find the good in yourself. You're probably a great person. You work hard, in certain aspects, is try to find that. 

Shine the light on the positive. I hope going at this week, you can maybe just create a little bit more positivity, more awesomeness by trying to focus on and shining light on those positive things, the good things, the healthy things. I hope we motivate you this week to do that. Have a Huggable Day.