Chelsea's motorvational mondays october 21, 2019 

"Start organizing with one shelf at a time."

Yes, it's not necessarily about organizing your house, but it could be. It could be the garage, it could be something in life, it could be eating healthy, it could be reading more. It could be anything. Sometimes, when we think of things we get so overwhelmed that we choose to do about 20 other things besides maybe what we should or want to do. That just keeps downing us, and downing us. 

I am reading this book and says to start one shelf at a time. If you do want to clean up your whole house, don't think about your whole house. Don't organize and do fall cleaning. Start with one shelf. You want to start being healthier? Don't think of three weeks' worth of healthy food and three weeks' worth of workouts. Start with the next meal. You want to start reading more, but you're thinking, "Oh, how am I going to read a 350 page book?" Just start by buying a book and reading the first page. 

It's funny, if you just start with that one shelf or that one little momentum, you'll probably do two or three. The next day you'll do two or three more, and then you'll create your own habit of doing that and clearing that up. 

I've hopefully motivated you today to start with one shelf metaphorically in whatever it is you want to accomplish this week, this month, and the following months. Have a Huggable Day.