Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays Sep.2, 2019

"Don't let your hard work during the week go to waste on the weekend."

I think that leads us to a perfect point for a long weekend Monday, is you work so hard on your goals that you've written down, you've been thinking about. Whether that's personal, financial, or health goals is you work so hard on those this week, during the week, and then sometimes a weekend comes and it's just, poof. People almost forget the goals were there. 

The goal still exists during the weekend. You know, they may need to be modified some, to let you have fun on the weekend. But you still have to allot that time and we have an extra day on the weekend. 

Today is a Monday. Take time to enjoy life, but also keep some of that allotment for the goals you worked so hard for last week. 

I hope we motivated you today to keep concentrating on your goals, even when it's a weekend or a long weekend. Have a Huggable Day.