Chelsea's Motorvational Mondays Sep.30'19

"The most important thing is to look ahead, the past is your anchor."

I think that's a fantastic thought as you're going into your Monday or going into your week. Whether it's something negative, or even with something like a goal you've set, two, three, four years ago. Something that you're holding on to, that's not letting you achieve that next step. 

There's always something bigger and greater, not that you always have to be going higher and higher, but there's always some growing that's going to take place. 

So make sure this week you're not holding onto something negative from the past that's affecting you from not being happier, going after something you want. But also make sure you're not holding onto something positive. Maybe a goal you hit two years ago, but you haven't set a new goal because you may not hit the new goal. 

Look forward, keep on growing. Keep on moving and let go of the past. Have a Huggable Week.