Hi, I'm Peter, and I am excited to bring you this video about the Ford Maverick. As someone who used to promote Hyundai products, I want to share my thoughts on why the Maverick deserves to outsell the Santa Cruz. While I acknowledge that the Santa Cruz is a great vehicle, the Maverick answers a question that more people are asking: for a smaller, more fuel-efficient, and simpler truck that does not compromise on power and features. 

In this video, I will give you an honest review of the Maverick, highlighting its pros and cons and comparing it to the Santa Cruz. I want to stress that I have owned a Santa Cruz and know the designer personally, so I am not biased toward one product or the other. 

I will also explain the importance of understanding your customers and developing products that meet their needs, rather than creating something that looks cool but does not solve a problem. 

I filmed this at Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals, one of the best dealerships in Canada that provides excellent customer service and carries a range of brands, including Ford and Hyundai. If you have questions or want to know more about the Maverick or other vehicles, let me know in the comments, and I will address them in future videos. 

So, let's dive into the review and see why the Maverick is a great addition to the truck market..

Ford did something brilliant with the Maverick: they made a desirable lower trim level vehicle. The XL model comes with a lot of options, but what really stands out is that it's available in a hybrid engine, which is priced very competitively and saves you money on fuel. Even though the all-wheel drive model isn't hybrid, it allows you to tow up to 4,000 pounds with the tow package. And compared to the Santa Cruz, the Maverick's tow package has some key important features that make sense.

Overall, the Maverick has a basic truck look that works well. It's not overly futuristic, but still looks handsome. The LED lighting is a nice touch, and the camera gives you all the safety features like forward collision avoidance. But what sets the Maverick apart is its bed! It's more than just a bed - we're gonna go through the features that make it unique in detail. 

So if you're still tuning in with us, go grab yourself a drink or snack and let's get started - this video may be a little longer, but I promise you'll see things you're not seeing in other videos.
Let's start by comparing this to the Santa Cruz. The 4K tow package on this model allows for towing up to 4,000 pounds, which is clearly marked and marketed, but the Santa Cruz can tow more on paper. Although the Santa Cruz has the advantage of low leveling rear suspension, Ford understands that this model is not meant for towing 5,000 pounds, but it is well-equipped from the factory to handle a 3000 pound trailer. One notable difference is the license plate placement - the Santa Cruz has it in the center, while this model's is off to the side. The frame-mounted hitch on this model is solidly mounted, unlike the Santa Cruz's accessory hitch that kind of sticks out like a buck tooth. Additionally, this model has a designed-in trailer brake controller, complete with seven pin wiring, as well as all the power lines and four pin wiring at a high position off the ground. While the Santa Cruz may be able to tow more, this model is still capable of towing a substantial amount. 
Next, let's discuss the bed. The bed of this model is low to the ground and easy to get into, which is a major selling point. On the other hand, the Santa Cruz has a plastic bed with a trunk underneath, which is also an attractive feature. However, in Canada, the Santa Cruz can only be purchased with the turbo and a hard tunnel cover that takes up some space, whereas the bed of this model can be coated with linex either at the factory or aftermarket. When it comes to carrying weight, the hard piece of the Santa Cruz has some limitations that have not been thoroughly explored, and it isn't clear if anything can be placed on the rails to carry weight.
Ford took a different approach. Rather than fitting a hard tunnel cover on their truck bed, they left it uncovered. They understood that Ford owners enjoy the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of Ford or aftermarket accessories. Ford knew that their customers could easily install covers on their own or explore a multitude of other options. 

And here's the best part: The QR code on the bed will take you to Ford's Flex Bed information site, which allows you to build your own personalized accessories to fit your specific needs. For instance, if you want to transport your bicycles, Ford suggests that you simply visit the lumber store to purchase lumber and design your own rack to fit in the bed. 

This feature also includes 12-volt DC power lines on both sides of the bed. These power lines allow you to personalize the bed with in-bed lighting, 12-volt ports and more to fit your preferences. You have the option to purchase Ford accessories or customize the bed yourself. 

As you might expect, the truck bed includes typical tie-downs throughout. Additionally, it boasts a flexible liner designed by Linex for added durability.

With its built-in flexibility and DIY appeal, the Ford truck bed is a fantastic option for anybody looking for a customizable and budget-friendly solution.

Looking to save some cash on bike racks, 12-volt accessories, and tonneau cover installation? Ford's Maverick XL pickup truck has got you covered. With affordable pricing, usability, and simplicity, it's the perfect choice for those who value practicality over luxury. And with 3D printing instructions available for all kinds of accessories, the options for customizing your ride are endless.

But what about the space in the backseat? The Maverick XL's one-piece body creates a square, traditional look that's both strong and unique, and offers great features like a padded armrest, spacious door pockets, and a unique bottle holder. And for those who need to charge their phones on the go, the back seat even has a 12-volt port.

And what about legroom? While the Santa Cruz may technically offer more, the Maverick XL provides plenty of ankle and headroom for even the tallest passengers, making it a comfortable ride for everyone.

So if you're looking for a low-cost pickup truck that doesn't compromise on quality, the Maverick XL is the way to go. With its practical features and customizable options, it's the perfect vehicle for anyone who values both efficiency and affordability.

The camera widens the view and introduces us to the door pockets, padded arm rests, and ample storage spaces. The hard plastic dashboard boasts a unique texture, adding a touch of character. But fear not, where your arms rest is soft and inviting. For those serious about towing, a frame-mounted hitch and trailer brake controller are factory options. The manual seats are comfortable, even in lower trim models. There may be some changes at the center console, but nothing too out of the ordinary. The tilt and telescopic steering wheel is a nice feature that offers customization. Start the car and listen to the familiar ding ding ding as the seatbelt reminder prompts you to fasten up. Practical and innovative for even the XL model.
This car's dashboard is simple but functional, featuring a speedometer, tachometer, temperature gauge, and fuel gauge. And while it may not be fancy, it still has a number of useful features. For instance, there is a digital display that offers a range of options, including a radio system, phone connectivity, and vehicle settings. The display is clear and accurately depicts the car's distance and fuel levels. 

One interesting thing about this car is that the screen appears to be tilted upward, even though it is quite square. I suspect this is to help with visibility and minimize glare. Speaking of the camera, it is easy to use and reliable, making hitching a trailer a breeze. 

Overall, this car's display and camera may not be the fanciest on the market, but they are functional and well-designed.
The vehicle's screen allows for an enlarged display, yet even on the top trims, the screen size remains the same. Although it's not ideal, it is what it is. The version being discussed is economical, and even the XL model performs well. Automatic climate control, which features three levels of automation, is a cool feature. The system helps to minimise noise levels and prevent cold or hot air from blowing directly on the occupant. It's simple to set, and the system adjusts accordingly to the temperature set by the user.

Below the climate control settings are a useful USB-A/USB-B port and a 12V outlet. The plastic surrounding the space is rubbery and provides additional grip. The gear shift takes a bit of getting used to, but it operates smoothly. When in park, it may feel strange to continue moving the gear shift lever, even though it's in park, but it works nonetheless. There's a low range gear available, and the electronic parking brake is located near the gear shift. There are various driving modes available, as well as a traction control option. The car can turn itself off when idle at a stoplight; however, this feature can be cancelled, depending on preference.

It's possible to adjust the settings to keep the parking brake engaged after release. The console has several cup holders, and additional items can be stored thanks to 3D printing technology. The XL model has fewer bells and whistles, so there isn't much to see here. Overall, the vehicle is simple yet practical.

We're gonna show you those drive modes in a second. We're gonna show you something else. One thing I wanna point out compared to the Santa Cruz visibility is excellent forward, similar on Santa Cruz but better back here you have a little bit more visibility out the back window. The Santa Cruz has that sloped tailgate line. So looking out that back window between between the headrest and the pillar there, right through the center of your screen right there is a little bit less, um, less good visibility. And the vehicle I had had a 360 camera which made backing up easier but you needed the camera. Whereas here I feel like you could back out up without the camera. Alright, we've talked about drive mode. Let's just zip in here. Uh, we'll zoom in actually let's, let's zoom right in tight. Okay, so we're gonna cycle through those drive modes right now to that screen here you have your normal mode, you have your tow hall mode again set up from the factory to do a tow hall mode.
The vehicle is thoughtfully designed to cater to a driver's specific needs. The drivetrain options, eco and sport mode, adapt to a driver's style of driving, conserving or exuding power as required. The vehicle's ergonomics are excellent too, with a seating position that ensures a comfortable ride. The dashboard is well laid out, making it easy to access and operate. Visibility is great and driving it feels natural, with the vehicle's squared-off design helping drivers easily see and judge their surroundings. Overall, it's a great ride and a testament to the thoughtful engineering that went into making this vehicle.  
The one problem this car has in the XL trim is even though it has something like the trailer brake controller, so I could take my camping trailer and drive across the country, it does not have cruise control available on the XL model. I feel like that's a mistake if you're putting a trailer brake controller in, you know, sure people just, you know, zip around town but they're also gonna take their campers and I feel like the, if the XL model offered that cruise control, that would really be a good value. But I guess they wanna bump you up trim lines and you know, you can't fault them. I guess for that strategy, I guess they've made some sense there. Let's jump outside the vehicle and talk about a number of things that really matter and what it would take to get me to buy this vehicle. 

Let's compare this vehicle to the Santa Cruz and discuss it individually. My Santa Cruz had 20-inch rims, a feature that's not available in this vehicle. However, these wheels are appealing and suitable for off-road driving because of the taller sidewall. The styling of the vehicle looks similar, regardless of the trim level. The body work doesn't look especially sporty, but that's not the point for the typical buyer of this vehicle. This smaller and less expensive alternative is perfect for parking, driving, and maneuvering. Ford hasn't been able to produce enough hybrid models for the front-wheel drive audience, so building an all-wheel drive hybrid model would take considerable effort. Nevertheless, I think this is something that we may see down the line.

I previously owned a Santa Cruz and it performed well, but it had its limitations, lacking the load leveling suspension that Ford Mavericks have integrated. To my surprise, the Santa Cruz actually held more weight than my crew cab Chevrolet Colorado long box, yet it didn't have enough room to hold everything in the bed. The Ford Maverick solves this by accommodating all the necessary weight on its back, allowing it to cater to the demands of a traditional truck while delivering remarkable fuel efficiency and maneuverability of a car. 

In summary, the Santa Cruz undeniably boasts of superior features, making it a more-than-capable vehicle. However, the Maverick has gained impressive popularity as a top seller simply because it answers the market's call. As much as I felt compelled to sell my Santa Cruz, partly because it garnered tremendous attention and value, Ford's second-generation Maverick harbors a good chance at winning me over.

I wound up buying a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, which happened to be a Jeep Wrangler. I think it's the perfect combination for me. The Jeep runs mostly on electric, which is great for around town driving, and when I need fuel, I can fill up and hit the open road. 

Ford needs to take a cue from this and make their next-gen vehicle a plug-in hybrid with all-wheel drive and a towing capacity of at least 3,500 pounds. Keep the price reasonable, but include features like a refreshed cruise control and trailer brake controller. I don't need anything too fancy.

One thing Ford is great at is giving me the ability to customize my vehicle with QR codes and access to 3D printing. I think Ford is onto something big here and deserves high praise for their innovative first-gen vehicle. I'm excited to see what the future holds for their second-gen model.

If you want to know more about any of the cars mentioned here, be sure to like this post and leave a comment below. I welcome you to join in on the conversation. And as always, thank you for watching. If you want to see this vehicle for yourself, stop by Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals, Canada's Huggable Car Dealer.

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