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Hello everyone, it's Peter here. Today, we're taking a closer look at the Ford Maverick XLT, equipped with the Luxury package and all-wheel drive. A few weeks ago, I made a video on the XL model and compared it to my Santa Cruz. As a former Santa Cruz expert, I noticed that the Maverick is the perfect answer to the needs of many people. Although the highest-end Santa Cruz is nicer on the inside, the Maverick still manages to sell better for an undeniable reason: it's a great truck. 

In this review, I aim to show you what sets the Maverick apart from its competition and how it continues to surpass expectations. Before we get started, I want to thank Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals in Fredericton, New Brunswick, for giving me access to their entire vehicle lineup. Their inventory includes Mavericks with various package options, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know in the comments section below. 

Now, let's dive into the review and see what makes the Maverick stand out from the crowd.

The Maverick is worth checking out if you're in the market for a small pickup truck. When it comes to deciding on the model, the XLT is the one I recommend, particularly because the XL doesn't come with features like cruise control. The hybrid version of the XL is pretty good, but the lack of all-wheel drive will be a dealbreaker for many. If you're in the market for all-wheel drive, then the luxury package is definitely worth considering. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the Maverick's safety features are impressive for a pickup truck this size. Maneuverability is a big part of that. It's easier to park, and its compact size makes it less daunting to navigate than bigger vehicles. But it's the collision avoidance features that really set it apart. The forward-facing camera can detect potential collisions and intervene with automatic braking to minimize the impact. The camera also tracks lane markers to keep you centered and help you avoid drifting. 

As for performance, the two-liter engine is capable of towing up to 4,000 pounds with the 4K tow package (which isn't included in this model). But even without that package, the Maverick still has a respectable towing capacity of around 2,000 pounds. Plus, the LED lighting and natural white color temperature helps you see clearly at night.

Overall, the Maverick is an excellent option for those who want a versatile, practical, and safe pickup truck.

The Maverick has gained popularity for its affordable price tag despite the benefits at the lower trim levels. But in reality, this vehicle appeals to those who want a larger truck yet save some money. Even at higher price points, the buyer still has the opportunity to save. When it comes to safety features, some are less obvious. For instance, the Maverick includes blind spot detection that uses radar to help drivers see beside and behind them. This feature is especially helpful for a longer vehicle such as this one. The same radar system is used for rear cross-traffic alerts. Even if your view is obstructed by a minivan or large truck, the Maverick can warn you of objects crossing your path, whether it be a person or a vehicle. With both a beeping warning and a backup camera displaying arrows to indicate which side the object is coming from, you can navigate with greater confidence. And let's not forget about the truck stuff! The Maverick has a hitch built into the frame, a sizable hitch ball, and a good area for four-pin wiring, which makes it easy to tow gear like an ATV or lightweight camping trailer. Even regular bike racks will fit snugly on the Maverick. This vehicle has everything necessary for optimal operation as a true truck that can carry large and small loads alike.

Key piece in place, let's look at the bed features. While not as wide as full-sized pickups, the bed gets the job done with its regular tailgate. You've got good depth, bed lighting, and a household plug for charging or powering tools. The rack system is adjustable, with movable tie-downs for your convenience. Plus, the flexible bed system lets you scan a QR code at the hardware store for DIY plans. With options for hard, soft, roll-up, and folding bed covers, you can customize your Maverick with ease. Also worth noting is the nifty light switch on the bed cover, which comes in handy during nighttime work or DIY projects. While not intended for heavy-duty jobs, the Maverick is the ideal fuel-efficient pickup truck with a ton of innovative features.

During our test drive of the Ford Maverick XLT with luxury package, we discovered a plethora of features worth mentioning.

On the outside, Ford's capless fuel filler streamlined the refueling process. Not only is it a simple, classic feature, but it is also a practical perk for Ford fans and newcomers alike. Lockable when the vehicle is locked, this feature is one of many that make the Maverick an excellent choice for those seeking quality and practicality.

Moving on, the XLT model boasts black plastic door handles and plastics, which add a utilitarian note, a deliberate and effective contrast to the luxury of painted surfaces. Though some may question whether the Maverick qualifies as a full-fledged truck, we have no doubt.

Ford's plush, denim-like material in the interior of the XLT is a remarkable touch. Though the camera doesn't do justice to the depth of its blue hue, the material creates an attractive overall color scheme. Moreover, it seems durable and forgiving—easy to wipe clean, this functionality makes it a great option for parents of young children.

The backseat of this vehicle caters to everyone's comfort, with soft and cozy seating that's usually missing in utilitarian cars. You'll notice two USB ports, one USBC and the other USB-A, offering the same power source. It's ideal to plug-in only one, and you may use either. Additionally, a household power outlet sits here, offering 120 volts and 400 watts of charging capacity.

Below your seat base lies ample space, deep enough to fit a variety of hardware store products or accessories. A QR code provides you with access to the Flex Bed System, which lets you 3D print extra features for the vehicle's interior, like cup holders underneath the seats. The XLT model includes plenty of bottle holders in the door and armrest.

The back of the seat folds down, though it has limited storage space aside from a few rags. As for passenger comfort, although this truck is small, you'll be surprised at how spacious it is. With ample headroom, knee space, and legroom, I can comfortably sit in the backseat despite being six-feet tall - a testament to the efficient use of space. What is most impressive is how the carved-out seat provides enough legroom even for a person with sizeable boots. The rear seat is designed to cater to the driver's comfort, even for someone of my height.

The armrests are soft, and there are cup holders located conveniently close to you. When traveling long distances, you'll appreciate the level of comfort this vehicle provides. Passenger leg positions don't slump - they rest flush on the seats for maximum comfort. So, regardless of how long the journey is, you'll always ride in comfort.

As we slide into the driver's seat, let's start with a minor complaint about this XLT luxury model. Why does a "luxury" designated vehicle still use a regular old key to start the engine? Nonetheless, once we get past that, we'll take a closer look at some of the details, both pleasant and unpleasant.

Reproduced poorly on camera, the blue color is not as bright in person, but the orange accents work quite well. The powered seat with lumbar adjustment is a nice touch, offering significant comfort and support. Though, seating is always personal and varies depending on one's shape. Overall, the interior is enhanced by the orange accent pieces, adding a touch of sophisticated detail. Additionally, there's a tilt-telescopic wheel, automatic headlights, and a dimmer switch for the dashboard. 

Now, if we look to the Santa Cruz at the same price point, we see the same basic dash in this XLT model as we do in the Santa Cruz. However, here in the center and on the side, we find a user-friendly electronic interface with easily customizable menus. You can configure everything from tripmeters to driver assist technology signaling you to the lane markers. This technology helps keep you centered, making long trips a breeze. The wheel-cradled cruise control feature is also a nice addition. Finally, all the usual amenities grace the touchscreen display, such as music and phone settings, as well as an easy-access temperature readout.

Let's dive into the settings for a sec! From your info to display settings, driver assistance, and more, we'll go through it all. Blind spot warning? Check. Pre-collision assist? Yup. Lane keeping system? You got it. Driver alert for when you're feeling drowsy? Of course. Plus, cross traffic alert for backing up and trailer sway control to keep everything under control. And let's not forget about the sleek luxury trim and its smart storage options. 

But what really sets this vehicle apart is the user-friendly tech. From the responsive touch screen to the easy-peasy keypad setup, it's all designed to make your life easier. And the rear camera? Crystal clear with handy turning lines and zoom features. Plus, with wifi connectivity and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration, you're always connected and ready to go. 

Overall, this ride's got it all – style, substance, and technology that truly elevates the driving experience.

The back window of this vehicle lacks a defroster grid, but it still lets you defrost your mirrors. The icon on the dashboard signals just that. Typically, when you defrost your rear window on a Ford, it also defrosts your mirrors. Automatic climate control means you can set the temperature and forget it. It will heat or cool as required. Alternatively, you can adjust it manually, or activate the seat heaters. Speaking of rump roasters, they're especially great on cloth seats because they warm up quickly. Even through my thick jeans, I could feel the warmth in just a few beats. The leather-wrapped steering wheel with a steering-wheel heater adds even more comfort. There's a USB C and A down there, plus a 12-volt port up top, with various phone-holding features. The bright orange interior makes it easy to spot any small items, with convenient holders for cups and water bottles. The driver console includes drive modes, traction control, cup holders and bottle holders in the door. The interior is well-designed, offering plenty of space for passengers of all heights. Lumbar support enhances the comfort level, and the visibility is great, with thin pillars. Overall, it feels like a smaller compact crossover vehicle, but wider and easier to manoeuvre, despite the added length. It's packed with features and ideal for someone who wants a compact, reliable and comfortable vehicle. It might even be the new Ford Focus, albeit at a higher price point.

The Maverick is a fascinating vehicle, boasting impressive features to match its affordable price point. While entry-level Mavericks are ideal for those who value both quality and affordability, the Santa Cruz provides a noteworthy competition for the higher end Mavericks. It features a superior interior design, bigger sports wheels, and boasts a more refined driving. Despite this, the Maverick offers unbeatable value and practicality. It features a better hitching system, and a more spacious bed, making it highly attractive for buyers in search of a utilitarian vehicle.

Additionally, the Maverick's top-of-the-line safety features, including the lane keeping assist and blind-spot detection, guarantee maximum security on the road. Heated seats and steering wheel provide ultimate comfort, while the advanced technology is intuitively designed for effortless use.

Although the Maverick isn't as luxurious as some other vehicles in its class, it provides incredible versatility and functionality. It's perfect for driving on uneven roads, with good sidewalls and an excellent all-wheel-drive system, while also providing ample storage space for carrying heavy loads. 

Comparing the Mavericks to other small crossovers is a no-brainer, noting the Mavericks possesses much greater versatility. For those who need ample space, as well as power, the Maverick is the perfect choice. While it can't hold as many passengers as a larger vehicle, it's still ideal for carrying up to four, or even five in a pinch. 

Mavericks are constantly in high demand, which proves their superiority. If you want to increase your driving pleasure and own one of these exceptional vehicles, head down to Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where they are available.

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