Introducing the Nissan Qashqai!

It's Peter here and we have two of them available at Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals. While this is an older model, it has features that the newer ones don't offer. Even if you're here looking for a brand new version, this video is for you.This particular Nissan Qashqai! is the base level trim with all-wheel drive, ensuring you get optimal performance. It's a sales success for a reason and I'll be showing you why in this video.Nissan QashqaI aim to provide a thorough review, highlighting features and functions that other videos may have missed. With complete access to Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals vehicle line, we'll take a closer look at what makes the Qashqai a unique addition to the market. We'll be looking at the exterior, interior, technology in it and all of its safety features. 

Swing by and compare this car with all of its competitors of multiple years alongside it, to see which one fits you best. Our knowledgeable salesperson at Ken's Huggable car dealers is more than happy to assist you. So what exactly is the Nissan Qashqai!? It is essentially Nissan's replacement for the Sentra. While the Sentra was their main seller, the Nissan Qashqai! builds on it and offers even more features and benefits.

As many people shift towards SUVs, the Qashqai! has become a popular choice for its spaciousness. This name is inspired by the Iranian nomadic tribe "Qashqai!", known for their brave warriors and fashion sense. The vehicle not only offers ample space but also advanced safety features like forward collision avoidance and pedestrian detection. The camera on the front detects potential danger and can automatically brake or alert the driver in the case of a pedestrian. The vehicle also has some convenient features like tire pressure monitors, but also some dated ones like a CD player. Overall, it's a great car for families who value space and safety.

Many vehicles today come equipped with sensors to aid in parking. These sensors beep progressively faster as you get closer to obstacles, emitting a solid beep when you are in very close proximity. While these sensors were initially intended to help you park, auto manufacturers now incorporate them into safety features in their vehicles since they have proven to be so reliable. And even the base model of the vehicle I'm reviewing today has an extra software advantage that enables it to sense potential collisions and stop to avoid them - though I can't guarantee this feature will always engage since its settings can vary. Still, it's impressive that you can find such advanced features in a base model. 

Let's take a closer look at the trunk its hatchback design offers. One benefit of a hatchback or SUV is the large square opening; you can fit large square boxes that wouldn't fit in a sedan's trunk. In this car, the space inside is very good; you have ample height and, which is less common now, a spare tire. The floor can be mounted up high with the rear panel to make a level cargo space, or it can be lowered for when you need a deeper trunk. If you still need more space, you can fold the seats down and use the added space beneath the privacy cover. Lowering the seats creates even more room, albeit less organized. But when you want a flat floor, simply reposition the trunk's floor to its higher position. Overall, this car offers impressive trunk space.

The crossover is both compact and spacious, offering ample trunk volume while remaining shorter than most sedans. This particular model may not have all of the features of a luxury vehicle, but it does have vents and soft touch materials in the rear, with plenty of leg and headroom for six-footers. While it lacks a center armrest, that's not uncommon in this class of car. There is, however, a middle seat and three tie latch systems for child seats. Moving to the front seat, the manual height adjustment is a nice touch, but only higher trim levels offer automatic start and fully remote keyless entry.

Let's take a peek inside this Nissan entry-level vehicle. The contrasting color is hard to see on camera, but it does add a nice touch. Starting up the car, you'll find buttons for adjusting brightness, resetting the trip computer, and turning off/on Nissan's safety packages, which are conveniently packaged together. Although you have the option to turn these safety systems off, I highly suggest leaving them on to get accustomed to the beeping alerts and collision avoidance tools; which will ultimately make you a better driver, and of course, safer. 

Notably, the car's all-wheel drive system can be locked in to improve traction in deep snow, but it's not necessary in most typical driving conditions. This vehicle offers both sport and eco modes, but be aware that the eco mode will make the throttle feel a little less peppy, whereas the sport mode will use more fuel to keep high revs for that power-heavy feel. 

Once you get behind the wheel, you'll find the driving position in this car feels compact but familiar, especially for former Sentra owners. The seat is large enough for drivers of any size, and the tilt and telescopic steering wheel allows for further customization. Overall, this Nissan is a solid entry-level car that offers convenient features and a comfortable ride.

This is an overview of the features in a car. There's great headroom and adjustable seating can accommodate different drivers. This car has various menus for driver aids such as park and cross-traffic alerts, as well as safety functions including blind-spot warnings. Even if the pickup driver in the story is distracted and swerves, this automobile could warn them with clear alerts. The car's CD player is a relic, but it has modern seven-inch screens that offer Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Siri Eyes Free for navigation. This "smart driving" solution helps reduce driver distraction while providing hands-free guidance. With these cutting-edge updates, driving is safer than ever before.

This car offers a manual climate control system and several features that make driving enjoyable. Its CVT transmission, for instance, is exceptionally smooth and intuitive. You can also customize your driving experience by using the manual shift option or drive mode selection. Plus, its Quick Comfort heated seats warm up in seconds, which is a real treat. 

Another remarkable feature of this car is the frontal camera that can dim your high beams when another vehicle approaches. Similarly, the car's blind spot warning system is equipped with highlight indicators that warn you when there is an obstacle in your blind spot. Its LED lights are small but efficient, adding an extra touch of visibility and style. 

Overall, this car is an attractive option for someone looking to upgrade from a Sentra or a similar vehicle. You get many advanced features and safety options that normally cost more or come with higher trim levels. Plus, the car's practicality and all-wheel-drive capabilities make it a safe and comfortable ride, perfect for daily use or long drives.

This 2020 model is a true gem, with a 2022 update already available and more on the way. The features in this car are ahead of their time and set this vehicle apart from those of competing manufacturers. Its owners love it, for good reason. Whether you buy a newer or older version, the Qashqai! delivers tremendous value, especially for those seeking a smaller crossover with all-wheel drive. If this sounds like what you're looking for, come on down to Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals. Got questions about this car or others like it? Leave a comment and I'll be sure to reply! Thanks for tuning in, folks.

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