The smell of a new car. What is it?

The new car smells. You may not call it a fresh smell, but it's definitely an unused smell. No one else; it's a blank slate for you and your very own scent.  It smells like owing money —It might smell might even smell like fake leather Either way, it smells like you made a decision and committed to paying for it for a lot of years.

But what really is a nu car smell? it's a far less romantic, then you think and bad for the head, it is a mix of 50 to 60 volatile organic compounds, off-gassing in your car. (These are the same compounds that cause a greasy film to form on your car's windshield.) These chemicals are not overly dangerous, but they're not that safe either. Fortunately, they will break down fast, about 20 percent decay weekly, so the smell certainly doesn't linger as long as the higher and longer payments on a nu car does. Bottom line the nu car smell is not worth owing more.