What Used Cars could still be running strong after ten years????

Here is a list of 20 Used Vehicles that could possibly out last you!!!  our roads??? maybe...

Buying used vehicles can be a smart move for many car buyers. It saves money, and doesn’t always mean that the car won’t last as long as new. Most used vehicles that are only a few years old and have low mileage on them will last just as long as a brand new model.  Used car buyers are looking for good value for their money, and that’s exactly what used cars offer. They can last a long time without having to fork over mountains of cash for them.

Top 20 Used vehicles with a great shelf life ... 

according to HotCars - Joey Merz  "Motor Hub"

  coming in at number

#20… is the smooth riding with a massive trunk that can easily fit any amount of groceries for your family.  “Ford Taurus”

# 19…  Police used these cars for many years, and even to this day officers still say they were the best patrol cars they’ve ever driven.

 “Crown Victoria”

#18… One of the most trusted brands in the car industry…  brought to North America in the early 1990s. 

“Lexus ES 350”

#17… They hold their value well and have what is arguably the best 4-wheel drive system in the car industry.

 “Subaru Legacy”

#16… Churning  these out for over a decade, their reliability is proven by the sheer number of older body styles still on the road today. 

“Mazda 3”

#15… One of the most purchased vehicles in North America. Known for its dependability, these have been a staple in the truck world for many decades.

 “Chevrolet Silverado”

#14…  One of the brands that seem to make cars that simply run forever. No matter what happens to the vehicle, it starts and will drive you across the country.

 “ Honda CRV”

#13 … They tend to hold their value more than other brands, so finding them used and cheap is extremely difficult

 “Lexus RX 350”

#12… While they aren’t the most attractive looking vehicles, their practicality cannot be questioned. If someone is looking for a SUV that can do it all.

 “Toyota 4Runner”

#11… Extremely reliable, excellent gas mileage, good interiors, refined rides, and just run forever. They’re the ideal small used car.

 “Toyota Corolla”

#10 … The best-selling truck in North America, for 40 years – Dependable and reliable. 

“Ford F-150”

# 9… Not at the top when it came to styling or interior quality until recently. But their reliability will never be questioned in the automotive industry

 “Honda Civic”

#8 … Having somewhat of an enthusiast following, their sportier looks and feel, they’re well engineered and have good reliability records.

 “Acura TL”

# 7… The reliability can never be questioned on these, as they’ve been on the road for decades. Probably on of the most reliable full-sized cars ever.

 “Chevrolet Impala”

# 6… One of the best-selling sedans in North America for years now, and there’s good reason for that. They have sporty looks, sporty handling, a comfortable ride, great gas mileage, and a reputation for being driven. Peter Wyman will agree with this pick..

 “Honda Accord”

# 5… initially they were not a great vehicle to drive or own but now they are one of the best driving sedans in the class with the best warranty

 “Kia Optima’. 

# 4… They have good power, a comfortable ride, modern looking interiors and decent gas mileage , considering what’s under the hood. There really isn’t too much holding it back from being a 4-door sports car. 

 “Nissan Maxima”

# 3… This one would win the award for most practical car in its segment. With the wagon body style, the storage space is expanded greatly.

 “Subaru Outback”

# 2 The bestselling car in North America. That’s really all that needs to be said about it. 

“Toyota Camry”

# 1… A surprise to me!!! Somewhat in a different league then the F-150 or the Silverado. But It also comes with Toyotas proven reliability ratings. 

“Toyota Tundra”