Toyota RAV4 vs. Volkswagen Tiguan - Does the class leader have something to learn

Hey everybody , it's Peter. And in this video we're gonna take a look at the Toyota RAV4 is the class leader, but is it resting on its laurels? Let's compare it to the Volkswagen Tiguan, a unique vehicle with a different feel and function that needs to appeal to the Volkswagen crowd. While both have different engines, they offer similar power and towing capacity. But the real difference lies in the interior. In the RAV4, the cargo area boasts a 60/40 split and traditional floor that can be lowered just an inch, with a couple tie-downs, three child seat tethers, and a 12-volt port. In contrast, the redesigned Tiguan has a third row, a 40/20/40 split, folding center seat, cup holders, and a 12-volt port, with the cargo blind already built into the plastic. Plus, aerodynamic roof rails allow for mounting cross rails to transport cargo. And with doors that wrap all the way around, you won't need to worry about dirtying your pants when exiting. Which one will you choose? 

The RAV4 has functional armrests and seats with added recline. It lacks the wider door openings seen in competitors. In the backseat, there are vents and USB ports, but no pockets for the driver. Legroom is ample, particularly with the raised seat. Panoramic sunroof is a plus. Volkswagen has comfortable, but firm, seats with better knee room in its larger cabin, including a large pocket and a variety of ports. Unfortunately, the door still lacks a full 90-degree turn. Overall, both cars offer plenty of interior space, though there are some small variations in the details.

The seats are snug yet comfortable, with extra height that lets me maintain this position while showing you the rear seat or even a third row leg room right now.

Let's slow down and shift into reverse. Notice the backup camera—a pretty standard feature, but with options to toggle guidelines and change the view. Despite this car being seen as a leading model, the display screen is average for the class. However, the dual-zone climate control is where this car truly shines. The buttons and knobs are designed for easy navigation and adjustments. My filming angle doesn't show any bothersome glare on the camera. Moreover, an eco-heat option is available for improved efficiency during days that aren't too hot nor too cold.
The Toyota Rav4 features different driving modes for various terrains such as snow, mud, sand, rock and dirt. Although these modes optimize traction control and gear shift points, tires play a critical role. This is not a Jeep Wrangler or heavy-duty off-roading vehicle. Nonetheless, Toyota has released a Rav4 Trail model for buyers interested in adventure. While 4x4 modes may not make a massive difference to daily driving, the Cup holders and the Rav4's overall design make it a class leader. 

The driving experience in the Rav4 is delightful - super comfortable and user-friendly. With a sunroof, comfy seats, and all the features you need at your fingertips, it’s tough to go wrong. Plus, visibility is excellent, including an extra window to supplement your mirrors. No problem with posture options here - the seats are fully adjustable, accommodating drivers of all sizes. In short, the Rav4 is a dream.

Now, let's take a look at the Tiguan. It also has keyless entry and snazzy leather seats. The power seat buttons are a bit different, but overall, the controls are quite similar. Also, the Tiguan boasts cool digital gauges, which set it apart from others in its class.

Let me take you on a tour of this ride. First things first, gotta adjust the seat. There, perfect for filming purposes! Alright, now let's start 'er up. Check out that start button down there, how cool is that? And just like that, the dash jumps to life. I gotta tell ya, a digital dash is pretty nifty. You can customize it and make it your own. But, let's not get too bogged down with that. The real question is, do you need digital gauges? Nope, but it's definitely a neat touch. Plus, a software update could make it even better in the future. How cool is that?

Now, let's talk climate control. I'll just turn it off so the fans don't interfere with our video. It's kinda hard to show on camera, but in person there's no glare, I promise. Dual zone climate control, baby. You can even tap this button to heat up those seats. My only gripe is that there's no tactile feel, but that's just a personal preference. Oh, and check out this gear position indicator on top! It's like a screen on the gear shift. How cool is that?

Let's take a ride and explore the features of this car. As I put it in gear, I can't see my gear indicator because my hand is over it. However, you can see the D highlighted on the dashboard. Unfortunately, the sunlight makes it harder to see the P which appears white, while the other ones are grayed out. It's a little weird having the gear indicator in this position with no other indicator in sight.

Moving on to the dash, we can see various modes labeled on it: snow mode, road mode, off-road mode, and custom off-road mode. You can adjust the different vehicle settings based on your preference in each of these modes. For instance, in sport mode, your revs will be held longer, making more aggressive shifts.

The best part is, you're free to customize all these modes! And with a sleeker screen system and a small volume knob, you can easily navigate the features of this car.

But that's not all. Have you noticed how turning up the volume makes that little button on the knob go up too? Pretty snazzy! And watch as we turn it down, the power button follows suit.

With so many different settings, this car puts the power of customization in your hands. Hop in and give it a spin!

The power button's crooked and as soon as I turn it on, I face the same problem - it's off-kilter! So, I've gotta find a way to turn off and realign it (cue the eye-rolling and frustration). The Android Auto & Apple Carplay work well in both vehicles, but let's talk about the features that really stand out. The touchscreen in this car is impressive, and the controls on the steering wheel are similar on both - but there are differences in the way they operate. For instance, this car has a heat steering wheel and some clever cruise control features. 

Let's take a peek inside. There's an electronic parking brake and deep cup-holders. This is where it gets interesting: this car has USBC ports and a wireless charger! Plus, the seats feel great - especially for someone of my height (I'm 6ft tall). The headroom is impressive, but the panoramic roof is...meh. It's fantastic for your passengers, but as a driver, I don't feel the advantage of it. The little extra windows on the bottom are a game-changer for visibility, though. 

Driving position is good in both cars, but there's something about how this car "feels" that's different. It's difficult to describe, but I think you'll feel the same way. Oh, and as for these vehicles - the RAV4 is perfect for someone who wants an evolutionary feel. As for the TIG one? It's more modern, even though it's not the class leader.

Looking for a new ride? It can be tough navigating all of the options out there, but fear not! Let me give you the rundown on two popular models: the RAV4 and the Volkswagen.

If you're someone who values familiarity and simplicity, the RAV4 might be your perfect match. It's been around for a while, and Toyota has a reputation for longevity and reliability. You'll feel right at home, whether your old ride was a clunker or simply outdated. And with the RAV4's comfortable seating and panoramic sunroof, why wouldn't you want to hit the road with this trusty companion?

On the other hand, the Volkswagen has some pretty impressive bells and whistles. The technology is more up-to-date, and some features, like climate control, are automatic, so you don't have to lift a finger. But of course, with more tech comes a steeper learning curve. And although the VW has some rugged plastic panels to protect against gravel and other rough terrain, it's not exactly an off-roading vehicle.

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If you are not in Fredericton but want to keep watching my videos, let me know what you'd like to see next in the comments. I'll be sure to accommodate your requests and answer your questions. Thanks for tuning in!

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