Health Benefits of Riding an ATV

Did you know that riding an ATV can give you the same physical and mental health benefits as a workout in the gym? Who knew an extreme sport such as this can keep you healthy and fit!

Did you know that riding an ATV can give you the same physical and mental health benefits as a workout in the gym? Who knew an extreme sport such as this can keep you healthy and fit!

A study conducted by researchers of York University Faculty of Health (co-supported by the Government of Nova Scotia and the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicles Distributors Council) found that riding an ATV has several health benefits. According to the study, a two-hour ride can be equivalent to various self-paced activities such as climbing, jogging, skiing and swimming.

However, not everyone gets to ride an ATV as the cost of owning or renting one is huge. Many would love to discover the health benefits of riding if it can be affordable and easily available. At Jim Gilbert’s Wheel and Deals Ltd, we have a wide range of ATV inventory for you to choose from at great prices. In this blog, we have discussed the various health benefits of riding an ATV.

Why Should You Ride an ATV?

Rough terrain is best explored on an ATV. There’s nothing like the speed, adrenaline rush and excitement that comes from it. Even though you will be stepping out of your comfort zone by riding one, you will thank yourself for the following benefits:


Riding an ATV is a workout in itself. It involves lifting, turning and pushing down the handles when you’re navigating rugged off-roads. The study found that just riding the vehicle once a week can enhance skeletal and muscular fitness. The oxygen intake also increases by 3.5 to 6 times the normal resting rate and so does the blood circulation. It also helps you develop a good posture and enhances your ability to develop and maintain balance.

Stress Relief

Does riding a bike, or a motorcycle, makes you happy? Imagine what a ride on ATV will make you feel like! It is one of the greatest adventure sports for a good reason. The activity needs your full concentration and keeps your mind off of daily problems and stress. You will also get to spend time in an outdoor environment and nature, which will boost your serotonin levels.

Vitamin D

When you ride an ATV at an outdoor location with a lot of sunshine, you get a healthy dose of Vitamin D. It is crucial for healthy bones, immune system and mental development. It also protects you from cancer, osteoporosis and several other bone ailments. Regular riders are known to have the right bone density which is a result of their riding habits.

Adrenalin and Endorphin Release

The excitement that accompanies riding an ATV increases adrenalin and endorphin secretion, which makes you feel great for hours, even days, after the ride. A study conducted by Glasgow University indicated that regular outdoor workouts improved mental health compared to exercising indoors.

Healthy Heart

Off-road riding increases your heart rate, flexes your cardiac muscles and keeps your heart healthy and strong. It minimizes your risk of getting cardiovascular ailments such as high blood pressure and heart attack.

Musculoskeletal Fitness

The study revealed that ATV riding enhances the fitness of the musculoskeletal system and is beneficial in controlling obesity, maintaining muscle mass, enhancing insulin sensitivity and preventing risk factors for several diseases.

Greater Endurance

The effort you put when riding an ATV enhances your endurance levels. When you ride for an hour or longer, you make optimum use of your arm and leg muscles. This increases your endurance and builds on your stamina.

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