Huggable Word of Mouth - Testimonials



I was so impressed with everything at wheels and deals from your beautiful showroom the friendly staff and most importantly Justin Roy. Justin is amazing friendly approachable and he worked so hard to get me the vehicle and payment I was looking for. I would recommend Jim Gilberts business and staff to friends and family. I heard about Wheels and Deals from the web site and emailed and got such a fast reply that I knew that you were the people for me, I would rate you guys a 10. Thank you all. Marina.

Debbie V.

1. I'd have to rate Wheels and Deals a 10 since there wasn't one thing that made me unhappy. I didn't feel pressured....but then I did go there with intent to buy specifically what I bought. I liked the process and how easy it was. Jared even took care of calling my insurance company and telling them what was going on before handing the phone to me. I wanted my winter tires put on first and the winter tires from my old car taken off too so I could sell them. This was taken care of and Jared even delivered my old car's tires to me.

2. Yes I would recommend you to others.

3. Obviously, living in Fredericton, I knew about this place years ago from lots of sources. When I decided to face reality that my old car wasn't worth putting any more money into I looked online. I checked out the inventory of this place and picked the cheapest car....but the main reason I chose the Hyundai Accent was the heated seats. It's my favourite luxury in a car and I never thought I could get that in a small car. I saw I could choose between black or white. I would never buy a white car but black is my 2nd favourite car colour. Another reason I was interested in buying from here was the winter tires included...that's important to me. The 5 year warranty is also a great plus. My 2 year old granddaughter had a great time in the waiting room with her mother....they were impressed by the place too.

From: Debbie V.

Melissa B.

Corey made our experience easy, he was friendly and knowledgeable. Sometimes sales people seem inconvenienced by answering questions or meeting with you, but he seemed happy to help and I would feel comfortable to come back if I had any concerns. 
My sister bought a Nissan Versa a few months ago from jim Gilbert's and my father has purchased several cars in the past as well. We had a pretty bad experience buying our last car from Nissan, and knew we were looking for something different, and we're happy with our decision
Thank You, Melissa B.

Angie P.

You guys get a 10!! Brent was awesome to deal with. And everyone there was helpful and super friendly.
I Have..and would always recommend you guys to anyone who is looking for a vehicle. Plus I have bought several vehicles from you guys over the years. Made the mistake on my last vehicle by not buying from you. That is why I came back. Actually my very first vehicle was bought from you guys. I was 19 ( now 46). Thanks for always having wonderful service !!
Angie P


Hey, How's the christmas going on for you guys? I hope everyone enjoyed. I am really thankful and can't express my gratitude towards Wheels and deals. My experience so far has been fantastic with you guys and i would rate 10/10. Yes i will always recommend whoever i can friends, family, co workers.

So before i brought the dodge from you guys i was driving ford before.Unfortunately the engine went off and i didn't have enough money to fix it because i spent all my saving on buying that car. Keeping in mind i didn't have enough cash on me i thought to get a car for finance but there was some weird situation going on because my credit wasn't showing/building up eventhough i had credit card. The sales guy Justin put tremendous effort in getting me finance on a very low interest rate for which i will always be thankful for. The team is really friendly and very helpful. Without you guys i wouldn't be driving today.

I love driving my dodge. Thanks especially to Justin and the team for making it happen. Wish you guys good luck and Godspeed.

Regards, Vijay S.


My experience would be 10 +++++ I highly recommend anyone looking for a vehicle to see Justin. His conduct, knowledge, willingness to advise, met and exceeded my expectations. I had been dealing with other car sales persons and was very disappointed in the service I received from them. When I first met with Justin my level of frustration was at an all time high.....when I walked out of that first meeting, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted and I knew I was finally on the right path in my search for a new car. I love my Hyundai Tucson...I feel very comfortable in driving handles very well on the road which is important to me since I do drive to and from Harvey on a daily basis...and in all kinds of weather. I would and will recommend Wheels and Deals to, friends, co-workers...even people I meet in my line of workIt was word of mouth that brought me to Canada's Huggable Car Dealer ....friends who knew how frustrated I was in searching for new car and who have dealt with Justin in the past nudged me toward Wheels and Deals to meet with him. A Very Happy Customer Mavis


Hi, We would rate our experience a 10/10. Honestly, I am sad that we can't buy another car again soon so that we can relive the same experience! From the red leather children's seats that my girls got to enjoy their popcorn in to your wonderful & friendly staff and the cleanliness of building, we loved everything about Jim Gilbert's!! Jared was great to work with. He was quick to get back to me via email and he was very knowledgeable about the vehicle we bought and the warranty. 

We are impressed with the price we paid and with the warranty and the excellent shape of the vehicle. We had been searching for the make and model of the vehicle we bought and I am satisfied that we got the best deal around.

Yes, I would definitely recommend Wheels & Deals to my friends/famiky. I already have! I work with alot of woman in an emergency department and we are a close knit group.  They all know how pleased I am with the service that I got. We also spend 4 nights a week at the hockey rink and we have expressed our happieness to our friends there as well! I would tell anyone to come to Wheels and Deals first before they settled with something else that they were not 100% happy with. 

A co-worker, Julie Green, had purchased a really nice car from you before Christmas and had talked to me about the service she got. We were looking at your website on a quiet night shift and that is when I saw the van that we now have. 

Thank you again!!! Emily