Huggable Word of Mouth

A Happy Customer

A big shout out to Troy Fasquel….He is great to deal with! Works hard to get you the vehicle you want! We absolutely Do recommend Wheels and deals to family, friends and co-workers. This is our second vehicle purchase from Troy at Wheels and Deals and we are very happy with the service, friendly atmosphere and of course the Hugs and musical teddy bears…. Always look forward to watching Troy’s Huggable Tuesday videos! Thanks Troy!


As a first time car buyer with a credit score that reflected a young man who signed up for a credit card at a university bar just to get a free t-shirt, Wheels and Deals was able to help negotiate a great rate for the car loan and has put me on a path to restore my credit. I’ll be a customer for life, or until I win the lottery and buy a Ferrari, but I’ll check with you guys first to see if you can find one at a good price.


The team at Wheels and Deals have certainly set a very high standard in the vehicle resale world.  Staffs are courteous, professional and knowledgeable.  The entire experience is centered on making the customer feel special and focused on meeting their needs.  I enjoyed dealing with Justin and, though I was dreading the whole “finding and buying a new car experience”, he made it painless and stress free, which is important to me. In this day and age of stress and pressure, it was a pleasant surprise to find the experience quite relaxed and “easy”.  


I would rate my experience with your team at 9 out of 10. Every aspect was handled professionally, promptly and in a courteous cordial manner. The proper information was readily available and explained well so that I could make the decisions that best suited my personal case. You operate a very good service and customer based business model that is consistent over a long period of time and that gives me the security of knowing that if a problem occurs , or I am ready to purchased’ll be there. In conjunction with employing a top notch team , of which several greeted me by name upon entry, and employing a family relation for a long period of time....the decision  to purchase at Jim Gilbert’s was easily made


I would rate my experience as 10. I never dreamed I would be able to purchase a car on my own, but you made it happen. A friend recommended I try wheels and deals. I will recommend you to everyone I know. My car buying experience was absolutely fantastic. I am extremely happy with every aspect of my new purchase. Thank you all very much!!! 


I couldn’t ask for a better experience which is why this is my 2nd car I’ve purchased from Jim Gilberts. Friendly, helpful and the atmosphere are all great… but the fact you make it simple and could say yes to someone who has been rebuilding their credit when so many said no, that made all the difference


You can't even compare your team to that of another used car sales business or even a new car dealership. The knowledge and effort that your team put into, not only their jobs, but their personal lives as well, in the dedication they put into volunteering and charity fund raising is very impressive. I haven't seen this at any other business that I have been to. From the time that I went onto your lot to look at your selection, until the time that I came home with my new-to-me car and beyond, my experience with your team has been none other than stellar. Your team sweats professionalism, friendliness and courteousness to the point where you feel like your old friends, maybe even family. This is why I will continue to return to Jim Gilbert's Wheels & Deals when I need a newer vehicle.


The service at your dealership is second to none. I would have to give you and your team a solid 10. I felt comfortable and welcome from the moment I stepped into the building. Your building is beautiful and well layed out. Staffs are all friendly & welcoming. There is no doubt that your dealership is top in Atlantic Canada. The service that you provide stands out.......I have already told my friends & relatives about the great service you provide & the great deal that I received. You can definitely count on me to be back when I need a new vehicle. 

Debbie V.

I'd have to rate it a 10 since there wasn't one thing that made me unhappy.  I didn't feel pressured....but then I did go there with intent to buy specifically what I bought.  I liked the process and how easy it was.  Jared even took care of calling my insurance company and telling them what was going on before handing the phone to me.  I wanted my winter tires put on first and the winter tires from my old car taken off too so I could sell them.  This was taken care of and Jared even delivered my old car's tires to me.

Yes I would recommend you to others. Obviously, living in Fredericton, I knew about this place years ago from lots of sources.  When I decided to face reality that my old car wasn't worth putting any more money into I looked online.  I checked out the inventory of this place and picked the cheapest car....but the main reason I chose the Hyundai Accent was the heated seats.  It's my favourite luxury in a car and I never thought I could get that in a small car.  I saw I could choose between black or white.  I would never buy a white car but black is my 2nd favourite car colour.  Another reason I was interested in buying from here was the winter tires included...that's important to me.  The 5 year warranty is also a great plus.  My 2 year old granddaughter had a great time in the waiting room with her mother....they were impressed by the place too.

Ken Drake

The whole experience was easy straight forward. Corey was great to deal with, very knowledgable and an easy person to talk to. I would rate the experience a 10. Could not ask for more. I would definitely recommend wheels and deals to friends ,family and co-workers.I chose Wheels and deals because I am a repeat custom and will be again in the future.
Cheers,   Ken D.