Huggable Word of Mouth

Wendy Gaudet

Hug out to Gisele; I would rate the experience that I had as a “10”. Gisele was fantastic! I really appreciated her picking me up to take the car for a test drive and then picking me up so that I could purchase my car the next day❤️ She was awesome! I would highly recommend Wheels and Deals to my family and friends! As a matter of fact I referred my sister to you. My co-worker/ friend suggested Wheels and Deals. She purchased her car from Wheels and Deals as well.

Wendy Gaudet

HUGS Cathy

Good morning Chelsea!!

I am VERY pleased with my purchase, quite the step up from the antique I was

As far as Justin goes well, he managed to convince me to buy didn't

He's something else but also very professional and made me feel at ease through the whole process and thanks to him, now I ALWAYS leave the seat down after using the washroom and seeing the message on the toilet while he gave us the grand tour.Thanks for a great experience and I will still continue to recommend you guys when people mention car buying!

I am definitely giving you guys a 25 on this one, from the moment we walked in the yard to today, everything has been WOW!

The first look is what drawn me to take a closer look, I was not planning on buying that day but kinda fell in love with that baby. From the minute Justin walked over to us to today, every one is right on the ball with everything that was agreed to at time of purchase.

HUGS Cathy


Shout Out to Dustin Haines; He went above and beyond to make sure everything was as detailed as his explanations given over the phone. Always prompt and ready for appointments. Thank you


Shout at to Seth VanHorne; #1 Seth did a great job. His service is a 10, Yes I would recommend Jim Gilbert’s wheels and deals to anyone I talk to. I bought three cars from Jim Gilbert’s over the past years so I figured why not a motorcycle. Great deal! Great service!

Thank you Richard B.


Shout Out to Greg Evans; Hi Chelsea,

It was our first time buying a vehicle from Wheels and Deals and we couldn’t be happier! Greg was so great and easy to work with, we look forward to referring him and can’t thank him enough!! Our experience was a 10, and you now have us as clients for life :) We would most definitely refer family and friends. Not because of the referral incentive but simply because it was an awesome experience. We needed a larger vehicle, we wanted more room for road trips and I was really tired of playing grocery Tetris.

We weren’t finding what we wanted elsewhere. We’ve heard your ads on the radio often, so I said to my husband “why don’t we check out Wheels and deals?”.

Sure enough you had what we wanted, the car was great, in our price point, amazing service and in no time flat,

Thank you

Shout Out to Seth VanHorne; I  give you guys a 10, my experience was above average and everyone in the toys section, still not even fully open yet gave me the best experience and warm welcome as possible. I most certainly will recommend wheels and deals.What brought me to wheels and deals is the product, the price, and the people working there, stooped in for and evening and was given any information I needed with a comfort at ease buying, Seth was great.

Thank you 

Janet C

Shout Out to Rob; I’d LOVE to give my input! Experience with the team… dealing with Rob Davis… definitely 10+ (knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely helpful) Definitely would I recommend Wheels and Deals… when someone goes above and beyond they have my full support! What brought me in was hearing the advertisement… we now have Powersports!!! And Thank goodness because I was just days away from making a huge purchase from another location and what I’ve heard is that going in to visit Rob was the BEST choice I made! Thanks!! Glad to be part of the family! Janet C.


Shout Out to Justin Roy; Justin was awesome a 10 to deal with and the entire process was fast and easy. Very pleased. I have heard nothing but good things.


Ted shout out

Hi. And thank you. 


# 1 - I’d give my experience a 10.  Personal service was great and I felt no pressure. And I feel Justin went out of his way to make me happy and the deal work. 


#2 - yes. I would definitely recommend wheels and deals. 


#3 - I actually went in looking for Troy Fasquel , I had bought a vehicle from him at another dealer he was working for previously and felt he had treated me very well there. Troy was on vacation so I didn’t get to deal with him, but Justin certainly gave me to service I was looking for. 


Great overall experience. 

Great customer service. 

Keep up the great work. 

I will certainly be back. 




Alicia & Dave

Shout Out to Justin; We just wanted to send a note to say that yet again Justin went above and beyond for us and we happily drove our new suv home same day... we love the car and love the service we get each and every time we enter the dealership...this is vehicle 9 and I’m sure won’t be the last... and Brooke is loving her new bear!! Everyone is happy :)

Thank you, Alicia & Dave