Huggable Word of Mouth

Shout Out to Bob Betts... (aka Bob Burgundy)

 Shout Out to Bob Betts... (aka Bob Burgundy). We purchased a new 7’x13’ utility trailer and dealt with Mr. Betts. His service is second to none as he made us feel comfortable with no guess work as to financial details of the purchase. Purchase was easy and seamless. We loved it!  Gerald H. 


Shout out to Seth VanHorne

 Shout out to Seth VanHorne... Seth from Jim Gilbert’s is an amazing salesman. Makes you feel right at home. Great service! Todd B. 

Shout out to John Eliakis

Shout out to John Eliakis...  I’ve now purchased a car, SUV, truck, and an ATV from you guys. Always a pleasure! Chad G. 

Shout out to John Eliakis

Shout out to John Eliakis...  John was the best, he asked what my needs were and did an excellent job accommodating them.  Christina C. 

Shout Out to Justin Roy

Shout Out to Justin Roy - When it came down to price, we had similar offers up in the air from different places but the customer service at Wheels and Deals really won us over! It makes a difference! Jordan L. 

Shout out to Trevor Pardy

Shout out to Trevor Pardy
This is my second purchase and will keep coming back. Highly recommend. Claire L. 

Shout Out to Daniel Richard

 Shout Out to Daniel Richard...  Best buying experience ever!  Susan D.

Shout out to Bob Betts

Shout out to Bob Betts... Second vehicle that I’ve bought from Bob Betts. He’s an awesome salesman.  Rodney M. 

Shout out to Seth VanHorne

Shout out to Seth VanHorne... I was completely satisfied with the service I received. Seth helped me out a lot from first seeing the bike to final purchase. The parts guys got right on the stuff needed for the bike and Seth was good at giving me my payment with everything installed. He got me a good rate and decent payment! Thanks to him and the other staff that helped out!  Allison G. 

Shout Out to John Eliakis

Shout Out to John Eliakis... John Eliakis is an honest, up front, very knowledgeable man who made buying a car extremely easy!! We would HIGHLY recommend John to anyone. No stress, no pressure, it’s like talking to a friend. Thank you John. Cindy B.