Huggable Word of Mouth - Testimonials


Shout out to Rob Skead from Nikki T.

I had an excellent experience - Rob Skead listened carefully to our family’s need and didn’t feel pressure to purchased one vehicle against another- even though I was somewhat undecided of what I wanted. We got to try vehicles with the whole family, seeing exactly how it would fit all car seats, spaces inside and the pros/cons for our needs! Thank you for making this an easy solution and the entire process was great! We got our keys within 24 hours of trying it out! Nikki T.

Shout out to Seth VanHorne from Joanne M.

This was our 4th vehicle purchased at Wheels and Deals. We dealt with Seth Vanhorne. He was amazing. We looked at the car on Sunday, LOVE that we could open the door and sit in it, we then messaged Seth, and he came in on the holiday Monday for us. He was efficient, professional, and I was so pleased with the trade in value that I received, because that made it possible for us to purchase the Volvo. The vehicle was in immaculate shape, and my friends all say it smells "new", it's a 2019. I wouldn't purchase any place else. Even now, I drive by, and still look in to see what vehicles are on the lot. Thank you, Joanne M.

Shout out to Bob Betts from Mike M.

Literally the best end to end customer experience I've ever had shopping for a big purchase. Mike M.

Shout out to Bob Betts from Rachel G.

We had a very positive experience with Bob Betts. No pressure, appreciated the dealer honesty. Rachel G.

Shout out to Justin Roy from Lisa S.

Justin Roy was so helpful in our search for the perfect vehicle for us. We truly felt like our business mattered and that he cared very much that we were 100% satisfied with our new vehicle and the service he provided. Thank you, Justin! Lisa S.

Shout out to Seth VanHorne from Doug G.

Thanks to you all, very positive experience. Nothing but praise from me from start to finish. Thank you all and especially Seth VanHorne and the sales team top notch. Cheers God bless. Doug G.

Shout out to Justin Roy from Sally M.

Thanks so much. Everyone at Wheels and Deals is awesome. Justin Roy was great and made buying my vehicle a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to sending anyone in need of a vehicle to Justin Roy at Wheels and Deals. Sally M.

Shout out to Rob Skead from Nathaniel K.

My experience with Rob Skead was incredible. If I had issues with anything I am completely confident that you guys would have the answers I needed. Nathaniel K.

Shout out to Bob Betts from Linda W.

Bob Betts was excellent, kind, knowledgeable, and provided us a great service. We will definitely be repeat customers and will be recommending the dealership. Linda W.

Shout out to Seth VanHorne from Connie W.

Seth VanHorne was very helpful and always gets back to us in a timely fashion. Your entire team makes a visit to your huggable dealership a warm and friendly one. Thank you! Connie W.