Huggable Word of Mouth

Shout out to Zak

Shout out to Zak, Amazing customer service! Only dealership that we went to where someone came out to the lot to greet us.  Solita C. 


Shout Out to Seth and Megan

Shout out to Seth and Megan...
Very excited with the new vehicle and the level of service I received. Seth did a great job answering all my questions. Great to deal with. Megan took great care of me as well, and made time to help no matter how busy she was. Stephen R. 

Shout Out to John Eliakis

Shout Out to John Eliakis... John was great as always, loving the bike. Thankful you folks were able to switch those bikes around so I could have my dream bike built. Much love. Jesse M. 

Shout Out to Justin Roy

Shout Out to Justin Roy...  They made me feel like a valued customer and ensured that I was always well taken care of during my purchasing process. Not once did I ever feel pressured like some other dealers I have been to.  Paul C. 

Shout Out to Trevor

Shout out to Trevor Pardy. My search did include other brands of motorcycles. My requests for quotes and availability had gone unanswered from all other dealers. Trevor got back to me promptly and earned my business, call Trevor at Jim Gilberts PowerSports you will be glad you did, I am. Tell him Barry sent you.

Shout Out to Bob Betts

Bob answered all of my questions, very responsive. No surprises. It was a really nice transaction. George M. 

Shout Out To Trevor

 Trevor was very knowledgeable about the Teryx and answered all my questions confidently.  Jeremy W.

Shout Out to Daniel

Shout Out to Daniel - Daniel gave me excellent choices for a nu to me SUV. Very detailed explanations for each choice. Great Selection, saved a ton and easy to deal with. I highly recommend Jim Gilberts Wheels and Deals... Check them out..

Shout Out to Justin Roy.

Justin was the best... When it came down to price, we had similar offers up in the air from different places but the customer service at Wheels and Deals really won us over! It makes a difference! There is a reason they are number 1 ... see for your self... you will be impressed.. Susan S.

Shout out to Daniel Richard

Shout out to Daniel Richard...  Cool how we got teddy bears, I gave them to my wife and 5 month old. Keith S.