Huggable Word of Mouth

Great first buying experience!

 Shout out to Tracey Kelly 
Thanks for a great first buying experience!  Nicholas A.    

Your staff are friendly and courteous.

Shout out to Seth VanHorne...
This is my second purchase from your dealership. Both experiences have been excellent! Your staff are friendly and courteous. You installed a remote start and fixed up an issue without batting an eye. And when I picked up my vehicle it was spotless! Thank you for taking pride in a job well done! It is much appreciated. Yours sincerely, Wendy.

Brian S.

Big Shout Out to Bob Betts - Good morning Bob, Thank you again for the fantastic service and your commitment to treating Tracey and I like we were the VIPs when buying the Murano. Tracey and I really love the vehicle already. I think she has a permanent smile now. Again, thank you so much. Regards.... Brian S.

amy w.

John Eliakis was amazing! I did not expect to walk in at 10am leave with a new car by 2pm. I expected to be approved for only subprime lending but John was able to get me prime lending and a great rate. I appreciate his help! I will from now on only but my vehicles at Jim Gilbert’s ! Thank You so much, Amy W

Melissa M

I had the most amazing experience purchasing my Rogue from Wheels & Deals! Justin truly embodies the words 'excellence in customer service'! He went above and beyond to help me make the right purchase for me. I've always been greeted with a smile, offer of coffee or whatever else might contribute to me having a lovely experience while there. I'm proud and happy to finally be a member of the huggable family! :) Melissa M "Shout Out to Justin Roy"

Seth rocks

I typically don't leave reviews for automotive dealers because there's usually some part of the process that leaves a bit of a feeling of sickness in my stomach by the time I'm done with it. However with Jim Gilbert's, I felt very very relaxed after I left and even looking over the paperwork there was no surprises. With every other vehicle I've ever purchased there was always a surprise or some hidden gotcha that would leave me feeling ripped off. Jim Gilbert's was honest about everything through the entire process and the fees that were added to the machine were always the same price every time I called or talked to them. There are very few other dealers that would do that and in fact I can only think of two others that were as honest as Jim Gilbert's but Jim Gilbert's was the better deal in the end for me. a lot of Powersports dealers need to take a look at Jim and see why he's so successful and follow suit. thanks for your patience and help with everything, Seth! You rock!

John E

The Sales Team at Jim Gilbert's went above and beyond helping me get the right family-sized SUV. I was totally shocked at how professional and accommodating they were in my request to trade in a vehicle that was recently purchased to get my new Honda Pilot. Thanks again John and the rest of the amazing team at Jim Gilbert's! You guys are the best car dealership in Fredericton!! Thank you!!

J Foster

Staff knew What they were doing. Seth was extremely polite and personable. Made me feel welcome and important. J.F.


Shout Out to... Trevor Pardy and all of the people who were involved with my time at Wheels and Deals were very helpful, courteous, and easy to talk with...

Kevin and JoAnne

Thank you for the email. We are enjoying the Nissan Rogue very much. We want you to know that we enjoyed the whole experience of purchasing our vehicle from your dealership. I want to give a special shoutout for Bob Betts. You can count on us in the future to be repeat customer. Thanks again, Sincerely Kevin and Joanie