Huggable Word of Mouth


I really enjoyed Justin’s Roy  no pressure approach in letting buy my vehicle I wanted and was not pressured into a different one. Tim E


My experience was great, John made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions. Purchasing a new vehicle can be very scary it's a big commitment and I'm so happy with my decision on not only the vehicle but as well as where i purchased it from. Chrystal


This was by far my best experience shopping for a car. Bob Betts was the best. Tina


I felt very comfortable, with Trevor, beginning with my first introduction and it only got better with every conversation with had. He's a very kind person, as well as those I was introduced to, during after visits.


Allen M

Justin was great to deal with , made the whole transaction easy and was beyond accommodating .This gentleman is a true asset to the team and the brand , would definitely deal with him again

Robert L

We drove in the lot and started looking at vehicles and right away we were approached in a friendly non assertive way.


A big thank you to Justin for his excellent service! He’s the type of person that understands the deal is in the relationship, not the sale!

Ashley A,

Trevor was excellent to deal with, he was super accommodating and efficient


This was sent to me out of the blue on messenger this evening from a guy I drove bus with in Saint John a few years back......

Hey Karen. I just wanted to say that I’ve heard great things about Jim Gilbert. My ex father-in-law dealt with him many of times and I’ve never heard anyone say better things about a company. His name is Ron Foster. I’ve always heard negative things about dealerships except this guy.
I always tell people to take the drive to Fredericton to see him

Thanks Dennis, I will pass that along. My brother has worked hard. I have an enormous amount of respect for him. ????

No worries at all, Karen. I just wanted you to let him know that he’s well respected down here


Shout out to Paula.. I couldn't have asked for better service. Jim & his team are AWESOME! Mellisa F