Huggable Word of Mouth

Pink Bear

I would rate it a 9 out of 10!! Would have been 10 out of 10 if I was given a baseball hat instead of a PINK bear!!! I found John (Eliakis) to be very effective as a sales person. I knew what I was looking for and the dollar value of what I wanted to pay!!

John made the financing feel easy. Based on my experience, yes I would recommend Wheels and Deals to family or friends. I, Knew what I wanted and the price I wanted to pay so I stopped into see your lot stock! ( Had considered buying new from a Dealer but the price put it way out of my budget!)

Very happy with the truck I bought and feel I got a good deal!!

Thank you for your time, Pink Bear Maybe  LOL...!


Christmas Miracle

Hi Jim, 

I need to share my “Christmas miracle” with you and make sure you and the team know how much I appreciate your customer service, from purchase to ‘uh oh.’

I purchased from you last  winter (first purchase from JG’s) after an accident totalled my car. Now a year later, with no issues with my vehicle, I failed my MVI only bc of my tires. This was not an expected purchase and definitely not 2 weeks before Christmas. I drove location to location in the city collecting quotes on new and used winter tires. No luck with anything used, in the size or condition I wanted. Fast forward to last Friday, I was feeling really disheartened and anxious that the lowest quote I had was over a thousand dollars. What bill could I not pay to cover this expense? What presents would I need to return? How could I make this work unexpectedly? 

On a whim I decided to stop in, knowing you don’t sell retail but wondering if you just might have an extra set of winter tires at a better price, or perhaps even a recommendation for where to go. 

In less than 5 minutes, Megan made 3 phone calls, provided me a few quotes, offered to split the cost as I was so close to my one year warranty, and had me booked to get them changed that very afternoon. 

I cried then and I’m tearing up now. It’s more than great customer service, it’s genuine care. Thank you for the wonderful business you run, the wonderful ppl you hire (I worked with Justin Roy on my vehicle purchase - superb!) and you have a customer for life. I can’t see any reason I would deal with the ‘other’ dealerships again. There’s truly no comparison. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, please give a special thank you to Megan, she’s my Christmas angel this year and was not looking for an ounce of recognition for what she had done. ❤️❤️❤️

Rob & Kim

Hi just sending a message, I would like to say how outstanding you all are when it came to working and helping us out with getting our daughter her first car. Jared Hill was great,I have boughten 2 cars before from Jim Gilberts back when it was still just a little mobile trailer we bought our very first car in April 1999. So i will say we still give your company and out standing rating of more then 10.and as for do i recommend sending people your way .Yes we do. Our son is considering coming to check out you 4 wheelers and stuff. And when we are due to get a new car for my self i will be coming back to wheels and deals. Thanks so much hope you all have a good Christmas thank-you Rob and Kim 


I rate the team and experience as a 10. Thisbwas my 8th veh from there and never disappointed.  I have always recommend Wheels and Deals and will continue to do so. Yes please enter my name..thank you



I have purchased 3 cars from Troy so far. He makes the process easy. I call, tell him what I want and need and he makes it happen. It has been that simple for me in dealing with Wheels and Deals. The staff are super friendly and go out of their way to make sure that you have what you need during any waiting time in the lounge.


We were treated very well by Justin Roy. A solid 10. He made the numbers clear so that we understood exactly what we were paying for the vehicle. We have not experienced this clarity from other dealers. So refreshing to have a clear outline of the cost. Despite some of our simple questions and our attempts to get a better price, Justin always treated us with respect. That is the way business is done properly. Yes .. actually I already have made that recommendation.

Wheels and Deals was recommended to me by my sister who had purchased two vehicles with your company.

Hugs Louella


Shout out to John Eliakis a 10, Just a side note. This was by far the fastest as easiest transaction we have ever done in a dealer. We brought our 3 kids in and they loved it. We loved how it was very family fitting. John was fantastic, very easy to get along with and on top of things. We will defiantly be referring our friends and family.

Thanks so much!


Woliwon/ Thank-you,

Hi Chelsea,, Thank you very much for your email. I am always very pleased when I deal with Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals. I would rate my experience with your team 10/10. I was extremely pleased with the service I received, Jared Hill was very professional and went the extra mile for me, which doesn't happen too often these days. This is the part that really stuck with me, his willingness to make the customer happy :) EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I would absolutely recommend Wheels and Deals to family and friends, when the opportunity arises you can most definitely count on me to put forward a good word. I was actually shopping around for a while, no one was providing the level of service I received from Jared Hill at Wheels and Deals. After a while of searching my fiancé said I should check out wheels and deals. So I gave Jodi a call and she hooked me up with Jared. I'm very happy with my purchase and more happy with the level of service provided. In the future, when I'm ready for a new vehicle, Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals will be my FIRST stop.


Please extend my gratitude to the team, you all are doing such a lovely job!


Woliwon/ Thank-you,


I would recommend Troy or any member from your wonderful Wheels and Deals Family to anyone and everyone. The outstanding service and kindness I receive is above and beyond. I would rate Wheel and Deals 10 all the way!!

So helping and full of knowledge when you go into to talk to them about their vehicles. This is the only place that I buy from.Thank you for all your help.


Shout out to Paula Breckon; Hello Chelsea.. a 10 - Paula was easy to talk to, not pushy (as many other car dealers were), she listened to our needs, and understood our needs, and did her best to meet our needs. Service was good all around as well (from the tire purchase from OK tire, the service desk, the front desk staff as well).

We will recommend Gilbert’s to friends and co-workers.

What brought us in was the Radio (unmistakable tune played on the radio!) and Word of Mouth (a recent co-worker of my sister found her new wheels at Gilbert’s and was very pleased with the service).


Tascha (and Tarin) C