Huggable Word of Mouth

Donna and Allen

Shout Out to Justin Roy:  Good Morning

Allen and I have visited the lot and looked over a few vehicles...always someone around to answer an questions..never felt pressured to buy which was a big thing to us with the variety of vehicles and the Gilbert Crew we will rate our experience #10 tops . And thank you Justin Roy for getting us into our Jeep and drive away with a smile.

And it wasn't all business. Had a few jokes and stories in between. A very relaxed atmosphere. And thanks Justin as well for the tour :)

Most definitely recommend this dealership to YES

Like I mentioned, we have always checked this place out everytime we come to this area. Allens son bought a vehicle from here and so did my friend. (Brigitte thanks you for the visa card ) and that little diddy you hear on TV/Radio kinda sticks in your head as well. hahaha

Thanks for the service.

Donna and Allen


#ShoutOut to Tim Lekach; I rate my experience as a perfect 10. Tim went above and beyond to help me achieve freedom by getting a new car when I thought that I had no options. He met with me between clients as I just showed up at the office. Impeccable service from start to finish. I would absolutely recommend Wheels and Deals to someone. The little touches like popcorn and coffee while you wait really made a lasting impression. Everyone is pleasant to speak with.

Hugs Chris 

4th purchase

#ShoutOut to JustinRoy; Justin was fantastic! Definitely a great asset to wheels and deals. I have always recommended people to go to you guys first before going anywhere else. This will be the 4th purchase I was involved in

Jonathan & Rebecca LeRiche

Shout Out to Jared Hill a  (10);  Jared was easy to talk to, understood our needs and helped us find the right fit for us. I liked the fact he took the time to introduce us to the mechanics and other sales people, reception, finance etc. Very friendly place. Though NFLD is a little far, we have been bragging and answering questions about the Gilbert sticker on the back window and our fancy jim gilbert plate. My sister and her husband have bought 2 trucks and a pontoon boat from Jim Gilberts via Jared Hill. They sold us on your dealership with their great reviews. I also stopped by last summer and was treated really well, even though I was there with another customer. Worth the ferry ride and six hour drive!

Thanks for the beautiful truck! Jonathan & Rebecca LeRiche

Want a Brute Force

Shout out to Troy Fasquel; Absolutely great experience. Troy did a super job looking after us and to be honest, it was the quickest we ever looked, test drove and bought a car in our lives. Experience 10+ and we will be definitely recommending Wheels and Deals to our friends and family. Next up for us is one of the Brute Force ATV's … if I can convince my wife 

Adam C

Shout Out to Justin Roy; Hi guys, I would rate our experience a 9 out of 10. We found a very rare car that we were looking for for a great price. Justin was great in working with us quickly to get my daughter into the car on a Friday evening! If financing rates were lower, I would rate a 10! Yes I would definitely recommend Wheels and Deals. A search of your website originally brought us to Wheels and Deals for one specific car.

Thank you!

Adam C


Shout Out to Tony Shanks; The whole team was great! Very personable experience.  Tony always looks out for my best interest and makes sure it’s an easy and seamless process. Rating 10

I came to Wheels and Deals because of Tony Shanks.  However, the entire staff was outstanding





Jim Gilbert’s team is always so Huggable, I can’t imagine buying a vehicle anywhere else, so when I lost my Murano due to a fire, you guys were the first people I called, this is the third vehicle I’ve purchased from you guys and you never let me down!!! You are the only company I refer people to when they are looking for a vehicle . So I give Justin a 10

Yes I would recommend and I am a three time repeat customer.

Thank you


Wendy Gaudet

Hug out to Gisele; I would rate the experience that I had as a “10”. Gisele was fantastic! I really appreciated her picking me up to take the car for a test drive and then picking me up so that I could purchase my car the next day❤️ She was awesome! I would highly recommend Wheels and Deals to my family and friends! As a matter of fact I referred my sister to you. My co-worker/ friend suggested Wheels and Deals. She purchased her car from Wheels and Deals as well.

Wendy Gaudet

HUGS Cathy

Good morning Chelsea!!

I am VERY pleased with my purchase, quite the step up from the antique I was

As far as Justin goes well, he managed to convince me to buy didn't

He's something else but also very professional and made me feel at ease through the whole process and thanks to him, now I ALWAYS leave the seat down after using the washroom and seeing the message on the toilet while he gave us the grand tour.Thanks for a great experience and I will still continue to recommend you guys when people mention car buying!

I am definitely giving you guys a 25 on this one, from the moment we walked in the yard to today, everything has been WOW!

The first look is what drawn me to take a closer look, I was not planning on buying that day but kinda fell in love with that baby. From the minute Justin walked over to us to today, every one is right on the ball with everything that was agreed to at time of purchase.

HUGS Cathy