Huggable Word of Mouth


Shout Out to Jared; Your service was friendly, informative and reliable. You are willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and continue this after the sale transaction is complete. I would recommend your business and to friends and family based on quality of service and products available and will if they are in the market for a vehicle . Terry C.

Debbie and Ed B

Shout Out to Dustin; Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for your note. Myself and my husband could not be any happier with the service we received from Dustin. He is very professional and could answer every question we had. Our rating would absolutely be a 10.

We learned of your business from your website. I left a message in the evening for someone to call us and Dustin called early morning and had our approval by

The service was so great our son purchased a vehicle from your business the next day. He as well can't say enough about Dustin.

We will certainly recommend Jim Gilberts.

But the best of all was "Chrome"!!

Thank you

Debbie and Ed B

Jared Hill

Hi Chelsea, Shout Out To Jared.. Thank you for the email. I would rate my experience above 10. I would recommend Wheels and deals to family and friends. My sister bought a suv the week before and had great service. John helped my sister and family with Jared finishing it off. That was the same with me. John is a great asset to your company and made this my best buying experience hands down. I know John personally also, as my other sister is friends with him and his wife and he is just as much of a caring person at his job as he is in everyday life. Jared explained everything and I felt confident with everything I was signing. I could not believe how the full tank, the year inspection and the year help out warranty and so on, came with buying a used car. I also got the extended warranty and feel very confident driving my new to me suv. Thank you again for everything and I am very happy that I am finally part of the huggable family :). Diane


Hi Chelsea, I would rate my experience as a 10! Troy spent time showing me different vehicles to suit what I was looking for and once I found my 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport he went through the paper work thoroughly with me and answered all of my (and my father’s haha) questions. And I especially loved the hospitality shown not only to myself but also to my dog, Kane! :)

Honestly, Troy is what made me decide to go to Wheels and Deals and I’m glad that I did! :)

Have a great day,

Hayley R


Shout Out to Paula ..Paula was fantastic in every way she's an exceptional salesman i've had a few vehicles in my day and she was the best I ever dealt with. Who ever heard of delivering a vehicle on Sunday. She was very fast in getting the deal done and beat out 2 other companies by doing that. I enjoy the vehicle very much I give a 10 for experience. And I will recommend Wheels and Deals to anyone that might need a vehicle. The internet brought me to the web site and things went from there. And I got a hug lol


SHOUT OUT TO Giséle: Hi Chelsea, Thanks for checking in! I have included my answers below:
1- How would you rate your experience with our team?

Definitely a 10! Gisele was wonderful with helping me find a vehicle that fit our family's needs, and really helped to get us a great deal as well!

2- Would you recommend Wheels and Deals to your, friends, family and co-workers? Yes

3- What brought you to Wheels and Deals?

My first choice when it came time to get a new-to-me car was Jim Gilberts! My boyfriend bought his Volkswagen Golf from Troy in the summer and we had a wonderful experience, so it I knew when it came time for me to upgrade my vehicle Jims would be our first stop!

Thanks again,


Shout out to Justin; Hi Chelsea My experience at wheels and deals was excellent. I would definitely give you all a 10. It is such a great friendly atmosphere all around. Justin made my experience very easy to find my perfect vehicle. I would definitely recommend Wheels and Deals to everyone I know. I know many people who have gone to Wheels and Deals to purchase vehicles and they have always said how much of a great experience it has been.

Shout Out To Troy Fasquel

Shout Out To Troy Fasquel; Hello, Troy was friendly, patient, and made sure that I got the best deal that was possible for me. I am satisfied with my experience at Jim Gilberts and I love my car. I will give Troy a 10 out of 10 and I would certainly recommend to a family member of friend. I heard about Jim Gilberts via word of mouth.

Melissa H.

Shout out to Michael Keddy: Hi Chelsea, and thanks for the email! I just received a card in the mail from you.. what a great touch :) I would rate my experience with your team (Michael Keddy) 10/10. Moments after we arrived on the lot, Michael greeted us, assisted us, and let us try out cars we liked. He gave a tour of the building and premises and made me feel comfortable to ask questions while being knowledgeable about the vehicles on the lot. I felt that he cared about finding the right car for me opposed to just making a sale. YES! I already do recommend your business to friends and family. Honestly, I had my heart set on a Chevy Spark and the dealership was closed that day. For some reason your car dealership popped in my mind because I follow you on Instagram and always see the great vehicles people purchase. I think the customer orientated service really sticks with people- the song, the teddy bears, the dog, the personal videos from new car owners...(it stuck in my mind anyways!) and I am glad it did. Thanks, Melissa H.


This experience has been great. Tony made me feel welcome and appeared to be honest with me. I think he did his best to answer my questions and be helpful. I really like the fact that the cars are left unlocked at night, it gave me a chance to look the ALL over and sit in them and not feel ANY pressure. Yes I think I would recommend you, in fact my sister would likely buy from you now if you had the auto she wanted. I am a Repeat Customer

Thanks Pam