Huggable Word of Mouth

Shout Out to Troy Fasquel

My experience was the best.. No muss no fuss and soooooo quick and I was on the road...

I would and have recommended your company to many..

What brought me to wheels and deals was a co-worker, Denise Nicholas, just bought a car and she told me how great you people were... She knew I needed a new vehicle and asked to just give yas a try... So glad I did...

Thank you so very much for everything 

Ronda M

Thank you Corey for understanding

Corey Thomas was very helpful listening to what I wanted and how much I wanted to spend and the length of payments. I would give a 9 as to recommend I had my daughter with me and we talked about her getting a car and came back and she talked with Corey and bought her car, so the answer is yes I would recommend.

I came to Fredericton to shop for a new to me vehicle and talked with 3 sales people from different lots. I shopped on line and found certain cars at different lots that I was interested in. Wheels and Deals was where my son had 2 weeks previously bought a dodge truck. 


Thank you Corey for understanding my plans for a car and helping me by finding me the car that fit my pocket.

Clinton N.

Just want to give a big shout to Troy,maintenance, and customer service for getting me in my new to me car. It was a long day and everyone worked so hard for me to have a car and gave me conversation drinks or really what ever I asked for. No I did not get what I wanted but I definitely got what I needed and couldn't be happier. When others shut the door on me wheels and deals opened that door and laid out the red carpet for me. Needless to say very impressed. Yours Truly Clinton N.


Hi Chelsea, My experience was above and beyond a 10. Justin was fantastic to deal with and I felt very comfortable and at ease. I didn’t see that regular “pressure” and “stress” of the typical salesman. I felt like he genuinely wanted to see me happy in a vehicle that I am comfortable with and not something that I didn’t need. Our current professional relationship brought me to Wheels & Deals.  Thanks!! Ashley D

Tessa S

My Cusomters Rock !!!
Hi Chelsea,
Thanks so much for the email!
My experience with Troy was amazing from the start and he made everything so easy and painless!  Then walking into the showroom I was greeted by everyone who walked by and they made sure to acknowledge my son (who is 7 and always LOVES to feel involved).  (The popcorn and the DS’s are awesome to have)  Totally blown away!!
Once I had my car Troy made sure to reach out to me just to see how I liked the vehicle!  Amazing service would be an understatement! I had worked in a car dealership in Saint John for 5 years and wouldn’t even compare to the way you guys treat your customers!
Sorry to give such long answers but I am just amazed!  So to actually answer the questions 
1. 10 for sure
2. Absolutely, I have been telling everyone to go talk to Troy!
3. My car was unsafe to drive and I was dealing with Fredericton Mitz.  They were trying to put me in a vehicle I HATED just cause “it was a nice car”.  My boyfriend is a friend of Troy’s and he told me to call before I did anything.  I bought the car a few days later 

James J

Good Afternoon,


To be honest our whole experience at Jim Gilbert’s was so very professional and personable all at the same time and we have decided that we will most definitely be returning for our next vehicle purchase!


Paula Breckon is an absolutely wonderful person, knowledgeable and helpful. Can’t wait to purchase with her again.


I have already recommended your business to friends.




James J

Peggy D

Shout Out to Jared Hill.. My experience with your team was definitely a 10. I was so pleased with Jared, he was pleasant and made me feel so comfortable. Buying a car is a big deal and a big commitment and I stressed over it for months and Jared made the transition from my previous Equinox to this one an easy one. When I finally took that last step to trading, I am so happy I went to your dealership and so happy that I found Jared. And I wasn’t easy…I changed my mind a few times and was comforted by the fact that it wasn’t a big deal, because Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals wants the customer to have a great experience and that is what I had. Definitely Yes …and I would highly recommend Jared Hill as the ultimate car salesman. Word of Mouth brought me to Wheels and Deals, my daughter bought a vehicle two years ago. Peggy D

Lori G - Carrie H

Hey Chelsea, I have been searching for a vehicle for some time and have visited many dealers. I have to say that i was expecting a different experience than i recieved for your place. I was expecting pressure to buy and pushy salesmen and i am so pleased to say that i was pleasantly surprised. It was such a friendly family environment . I would definitely give your dealership a 10/10 and have spoke very highly of my experience.

I have heard of your dealership from many of my friends as well as the catchy song on the radio.

I look forward to dealing with you again when i need another vehicle.

Thanks for the wonderful experience

Lori G

Carrie H


Hello there,


My name is Peter M. and I was into your dealership about a week ago. Although we did not end up buying a vehicle from you, I’d still like to thank you for and inform you about the excellent service my girlfriend and I received from Sean Callahan. Even though our budget was a tad under what the majority of your cars cost, Sean maintained communication with us and informed us of any and all cars that came into the lot that might have fit our price range. It has been a week since we came to visit and Sean has been kind enough to keep in touch with us to see how we are progressing while keeping us informed about what options we had with your dealership. After having a less than positive experience with Fredericton Mitsubishi, the feeling of comfort we felt when working with Sean did not go unnoticed and was very much appreciated. We’ll be sure to touch base with you all the next time we are looking for a vehicle and thanks again for all the hard work!


Sincerely, Peter 


Shout out to Paula Breckon,
Paula was great and I was very pleased with the repair made to the front bumper and Yes, I will recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.
We were really not out to purchase a car that day. We went to Targets to look at windows and was driving by and decided to look around at vehicles. Thanks Mark